Forensic Expert Dan Austin Explains The Golani .223 Elephant Rifle

Holy Mackerel! This IS truly unbelievable!

Where has this guy testified as a forensic expert?

Can you say mistrial?

Is it too late to have the NYPD revoke his pension?

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Tantalizing Explanation:

February 24, 2010

Forensic expert Dan Austin speaks with In Session Host Ryan Smith about the weapon that was used to kill Amy Boscarino.


4 responses to “Forensic Expert Dan Austin Explains The Golani .223 Elephant Rifle

  1. As a gun smith, comp shooter, retired military vet, hunter, reloader, small arms instructor, hunter safety instructor, and more. As you can see I make them, shoot them, fix them and have been carrying a firearm for monre that 40 years.
    This expert is a fraud. He is full of bull and I would love to get him into a factual debate. He needs to go back to school with his numeric conversions.
    How many folks do you think are shooting national match comp with AR-15 platform firearms each weekend?? Thousands. You think the .223 is good for elephants, african game and bear??? What a total moron. I have hunted all over the world and have never seen a 223 used in any hunt for any big game animal.
    He is a fraud.

  2. I attempted to leave a comment on the associated CNN blog explaining, point-by-point, the factual errors in Mr. Austin’s description of the Golani. Not surprisingly, it was rejected by the CNN blog moderators. So much for even pretending to have any journalistic integrity.

    • If CNN does not want to read comments on their blog, put them on your blog and link here or just paste them here.

      Temperate educated comments are always welcome.

      Trust me, sooner or later someone will forward them upstream to the CNN High Command.

      In Liberty,

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