Update: Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network

Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network first appeared on this blog as a result of a Rob Pincus endorsement on the DRTV website.


Sometime between “then and now” they dropped their requirement to limit membership to Americans who are Concealed Carry Licensee’s as they explain in their FAQ:

Didn’t the Network once require prospective members to submit copies of their concealed carry licenses?

Yes, during our first year, we asked members to show proof of no criminal history through copies of their carry licenses. The measure proved excessively exclusionary, in light of many law-abiding American gun owners who do not carry concealed, an issue most frequently raised when an individual member wanted their spouse to have the benefits of Network membership. Other circumstances, like living in parts of California, Illinois, Hawaii and other states stood in the way of prospective members who wanted to support Network efforts with their membership. After consultation with the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Foundation’s Advisory Board we elected to replace this requirement with a statement each prospective member signs attesting to a clean criminal history, minimum age, and more. See membership application at this link.

This is a welcome change for the Right To Keep And Bear Arms Community and perhaps reflects a more proper approach to the complexity of modern self defense.

We, the People will know more over time.

Visit and learn for yourself:


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