Bambi Is A Pest

Raleigh Constituent visits the new North Carolina Department Of Agriculture website.

Dear John Jacob;

Steve Troxler is a great Agriculture Commissioner and I like his ideas.

But Moose Droppings (CLICK LINK HERE) has found a AgDept. idea that may need some tweaks before it is ready for primetime.

Everyone (outside the Wildlife Commission!) agrees NC wildlife management has reached farcical levels.

Crows can only be shot on Wednesdays,Fridays and Saturdays from June through February. Fox Squirrels from October 12 to December 31, Grey and Red from October 1 to February 13 etc,etc,etc.

So enter Commissioner Troxler with a website to link eager hunters to farmers eager to eliminate nuisance depredation animals from their fields.

But, (sadly there is a but), the website has nothing of the look, feel or function of say, Craigslist or Upillar or even the NewsObserver classifieds. You must begin your registration with some obscure AgDept Email address in YOUR address book, use multiple search filters for location,weapon,number in party etc.etc.etc.

Really, this begins to look like yet another Goobermint cluster foxtrot. The hunters and farmers in this state must be an Internet savvy bunch because in 20 years I have NEVER used my email address book and have apparently dodged some wicked viruses with my ignorance.

And frankly, when hunters and farmers seek to connect with each other the number of venues out there are almost overwhelming. It is good to see additions to the venue, but, (sadly there is a but), the new arrival should bring fresh ideas. So far I just see a fat paycheck for some programmer whose technology maybe,um, just a little stale?

Can we PLEASE spend State Money where it needs to be spent???? How about a complete top-to-bottom rewrite of the hunting regulations? That would really help hunters and farmers.


Excerpt From Department of Agriculture Press Release

Steve Troxler, North Carolina Agricultural Commissioner called the whitetail deer a pest with the release of a study that shows wildlife damage to agricultural field crops last year was $29. 4 million with the deer as the main culprit.

Wildlife feasted on North Carolina field crops last year, running up a tab of $29.4 million, according to a statewide survey by the N.C. Agricultural Statistics Division.

Wildlife damaged $19 million worth of soybeans and $5.6 million worth of corn, Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler said in announcing the report.

Damage to wheat, peanuts and cotton totaled $4.8 million.

“For some crops, animals can be as damaging as diseases, insects or the weather,” Troxler said. “And crop loss — regardless of how it occurred — can make a difference in profitability.”

Deer were the top gluttons.

Ninety-two percent of soybean and cotton farms in the survey reported damage from deer. Deer also were the top foragers on 75 percent of peanut farms and 60 percent of wheat farms reporting damage.

“Bambi is a pest,” Troxler said

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