Flight 93: Prepare For War

Remember William Jefferson “BJ” Clinton?

With a resume for questionable relations with women that would keep any ordinary sleazebag out of public office for life his staff created a special purpose entity called the “War Room”to deal with the inevitable bimbo eruptions during his campaign for the Presidency.

They did not call it “Rumor Control Central” or “Operation Media”, nooo, they called it the War Room because Democrats understand a fundamental fact the rest of us too frequently overlook: Politics is war by institutional control and the object of war is to kill people and break things.

And boy howdy, have Democrats ever perfected the art of killing people and breaking things by institutional control over the past century.

Forget about the forty million government approved abortions over the past half century brought to you by Liberal Democrat Theology, even though it is a record that would make Stalin or Pol Pot or yea, even Hitler blush with envy.

Think instead about the quiet genocides.

Think, for example, about DDT.

When a small elite of (liberal) (save-the-planet) bolsheviks demonized this pesticide millions of people worldwide suffered and died from easily manageable insect borne diseases.

Can DDT be misused? Absolutely. Does misuse mean automatic total abolition? Absolutely not. Yet here we are-Democrat approved zero tolerance for DDT.

Of course, this is just one example, big or small, of the perversion of law into a cudgel for destruction by smug elites who expect, no demand, you concede to their every wish while they adamently refuse to even acknowledge your rebuttals because they MUST WIN BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

The last few days of Democrat depraved indifference, reckless endangerment and Legislative War have brought us the ultimate perversion of institutional control-death by Malignant Medical Malfeasance.

In addition to “planned parenthood” we will now be blessed with “planned death panels” , rationed examination procedures and treatments and mandatory taxation for services we do not need and cannot afford.

Really, do sex offenders need to receive government handouts of Viagra?

So when you hear chatter on the web about “Three Percenters” or “Oath Keepers” or how “we are all Davidians now” know these concepts completely misconstrue the reality of the current situation.

The current situation cannot be compared to Ruby Ridge or Waco, it must be compared to Flight 93. For the first time ordinary Americans can grasp on a personal level the epic magnificence of Todd Beamer’s Decision.

He and his fellow passengers on Flight 93 did not listen to Republicans enablers quietly tut-tut in First Class about how important it was to wait for the plane to land and the SWAT Team to arrive because they understood the Jihadists did not intend to safely land the plane.

Beamer understood the Jihadists meant to win by winning or win by losing -the outcome mattered not and the only option left was to take charge and limit damage.

And so they did.

Democrats and their Republican enablers are little more than Jihadists by another name. They care not about the Constitution, or the consent of the governed, or checks and balances- they care only about winning by any means necessary.

Do not wait for some bogus November Election. The Clinton Opposition Research Team has some vulnerability file on every single politician in office. Learn the details and reveal them to the world.

Roll now or forever hold your peace.

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