BJ Lawson Friend Or Foe?

Anyone familar with the North Carolina 4th District is aware David Price is one of the most virulent Bolshevik Pelosi Democrats in Congress.

So when BJ Lawson posted this analysis about the economic crisis two years ago it was a great relief to learn a man of his caliber would rise to challenge the twisted Congressman Price.


One problem. Everything voters need to know about a political candidate can be gleaned from their view on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. If their position on the 2nd Amendment is somehow corrupt and contaminated all their positions will eventually be equally corrupt and contaminated.

So it is with great disappointment I link to this page CLICK LINK HERE and note my question from nearly two years ago remains unanswered.

Voters in North Carolina’s 4th District should pick their poison very carefully.

We, The People, do not know what gun course Mr. Lawson attended, we do not know the source of the gun course instructors legal advice and, sadly, we do know the consequences of such advice can be deadly for gunowners caught in a dangerous situation.

David Price will undoubtably use every opportunity to disarm his constituents, while BJ Lawson will intermittently use every other opportunity to do the same or the equivalent.

It is not too late for Mr. Lawson to clarify his position on the Right To Keep And Bear Arms.

Urge him to take the earliest opportunity to reassure his supporters he is not, in fact, a covert gun grabber.

Excerpt from BJ Lawson Campaign Website:

Guidelines for the Use of Deadly Force
By BJ Lawson, on Nov 18, 2007
Regardless of whether you own a weapon, every American should take a gun course that includes guidelines for when Deadly Force may be legitimately used in self-defense.

While taking such a course recently, I was struck by the obvious parallels between personal defense, and national defense.

At least in North Carolina, there are four conditions that all must be present to justify use of Deadly Force in self-defense:


One response to “BJ Lawson Friend Or Foe?

  1. BJ Lawson is OK so far. From what I can tell ROCHE worked for FED RESERVE and just moved to NC in 2007. THIS is bad news for ROCHE.

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