Just Say No!

A JohnJacobH Commentary

Nothing is more eerie than to hear the talking heads and chattering classes earnestly discuss the possibility of Tea Party violence in a time when every man, woman and child (or dog!) is exactly one 911 phone call or traffic stop or encounter-of-the-law-enforcement kind away from imminent death or dismemberment at the hands of a government compliance officer.

In a society that long ago lost the ability to distinguish between Constitutional Permissibility and Legislative Tyranny We, The People, are now confronted with the bizarre spectacle of the “seatbelt violation” as just one example of preposterous government usurpation. The Supreme Court has ruled it perfectly acceptable for any Officer to detain anyone for up to 48 hours on an allegation of improper use of vehicle seatbelts.


An allegation-a seatbelt violation is nothing more and nothing less. There is no chain of evidence or standard of proof to determine the lone traveler was, in fact, in violation of any ordinary or acceptable practice of safe travel beyond the word of the compliance officer who initiates the charge.

Protest or object on scene and the hapless citizen may be tazed or worse, shot or killed. Desperation to consummate a hospital visit to a dying parent or child may only serve to escalate the officer’s insatiable desire for total situational dominance.

Of course, this is but one of the most ridiculous examples in a long train of ridiculous usurpations and abuses.

The most violent form of civil disobedience in which a citizen can engage in contemporary society is to remove the metal license plate from his car. This simple defiance will almost surely result in a “felony stop” wherein his or her automobile is surrounded by several nervous uniformed officers with unholstered weapons. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.

At this point in history the veneer of civilization has worn so thin the smallest scratch will set off a cascade of near total collapse in spite of the desperate machinations of the oligarchy to prevent it.

Heaven forbid a dissident overnight prank crew of two or four people armed with an instrument no more powerful than an ordinary screwdriver set off a wave of total chaos in some snooty gated community when they pilfer every license plate in the neighborhood.

Tea Party activists delude themselves if they believe they must do nothing more than hold-their-breath-until-they-turn-blue-in-the-face to force elected officials to obey their wishes, especially if they do not first closely examine the bars of the cage in which they are already confined.

They must learn to distinguish between unlawful or illegal and UnConstitutional.

Then they must learn to just say NO to everything UnConstitutional.

The list is long and expansive.

The NO must be serious and adamant.


One response to “Just Say No!

  1. I think in my country there are never held tea party, because everyday we always drink it. BTW, thanks for sharing this is the good article

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