The High Price Of Defenselessness

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Colonel Jeff Cooper retired in Arizona and traveled with an open carry 1911 everywhere. He was 86 when he died.


It is hard to imagine anyone of any age would even attempt to inflict this level of injury upon him without fear of serious and immediate retaliation.

If you are too old to run and too outnumbered to wrestle, teach respect with the tools available to men in your station of life.
“The society of late twentieth century America is perhaps the first in human history where most grown men do not routinely bear arms on their persons and boys are not regularly raised from childhood to learn skill in the use of some kind of weapon, either for community or personal defense – club or spear, broadsword or long bow, rifle or Bowie knife.

It also happens to be one of the rudest and crudest societies in history, having jubilantly swept most of the etiquette of speech, table, dress, hospitality, fairness, deference to authority and the relations of male and female and child and elder under the fraying and filthy carpet of politically convenient illusions.

With little fear of physical reprisal Americans can be as loud, gross, disrespectful, pushy, and negligent as they please.

If more people carried rapiers at their belts, or revolvers on their hips, It is a fair bet you would be able to go to a movie and enjoy he dialogue from the screen without having to endure the small talk, family gossip and assorted bodily noises that many theater audiences these days regularly emit.

Today, discourtesy is commonplace precisely because there is no price to pay for it.”

Samuel Francis

2 responses to “The High Price Of Defenselessness

  1. Thank you for contacting me via my blog site. I hope you had a chance to read some of my posts. Upon seeing your site, I immediately felt like we were related. I’ve been thinking and saying the things I see on your site for years. Our society is slidng down the slippery slope of political correctness to its eventual doom. Rules of honor and conduct have been replaced with “if it feels good, do it,” and other such liberal approaches. I’d love to chat with you sometime.

    Regarding this video of the wild animals attacking two innocent men, If they were packing, the story would have had a different ending. I’m all for open carry as well as concealed carry. All the politicians that pass laws preventing us citizens from carrying firearms are themselves all carrying. Not much two older men could do against an attacking wolf pack unless they were carrying a knife, my other favorite equalizer, or a firearm. What’s your take? Look forward to hearing from you again.

    One more thing. I have no idea your age (I’m 61 and hold my own against 30 year olds doing my police defensive tactics training (I’m a civilian), or your training background. Generally, what I’ve been posting on my blog is geared towards average civilians. I have a whole program that I’ve developed for serious assault situations. It’s brutal and to the point. It’s simple and not based on fancy martial arts. I would liken it more to the WWII type of approach to disposing of an enemy combatant or street thug. If you’re at all interested, let me know and we can take it from here.
    Take care.

    David Hallford

    • Thank you for your comments.

      I came across your blog in the tags section and was curious about your thoughts on this (latest) video to emerge from the vortex of modern society.

      As I near my dotage I have become aware of the genuinely brutal conditions which now exist and were unthinkable in my childhood.

      With a little training I think these two could have made a better account of themselves, but there is no question they would have taken their lumps in the process.

      A firearm would have been an equalizer under any circumstances.

      I will follow your blog with interest.

      In Liberty,

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