QDMA Should Boycott Marriott!

Recently, one of David Codrea’s Legion Of Gun Rights Examiners uncovered overt corporate hostility from the Marriott Hotel Chain to the Right To Keep And Bear Arms EVEN AS THEY BENEFITED FROM THE NRA CONVENTION in Charlotte, NC and presumably made a handsome sum from Convention Bookings.

Now comes the Quality Deer Management Association Banquet in Louisville, KY hosted by the Louisville Marriott in July.

Should hunters and gunowners actively pay good money to a corporation with a publicly demonstrated hostility to the interests and activities of their patrons?

I think not.

Call these phone numbers and let the Executive Suite hear from you. Be joyful! Be Happy! Be Polite! Let them know the cost of the lost opportunity!

Be sure to include reservation code “QDMQDMA National Convention” in your conversation!

While you are at it call the local Louisville television stations and newspapers and let THEM know how many positive uplifting stories about QDMA you expect to see every day while the convention is in town.

QDMA Hotel Information
Louisville Marriott
280 W Jefferson St
Louisville, KY 40202

Phone numbers from the GrassRoots NorthCarolina May 20th Alert (CLICK LINK HERE):

Phone number for “Mr. Marriott’s office:” 800-621-0999. The upper level executive who apparently reports to J.W. Marriott and who is responsible for the Charlotte property is Keith Thomas.

Kathleen Matthews, Executive Vice President, Global Communications and Public Affairs: Kathleen.Matthews@…, 301-380-7770.

Also include her assistant, Marilyn Cole at: marilyn.cole@…

Chad Callaghan, Vice President of Loss Prevention: chad.callaghan@….

Also call his assistant Pat Murphy at301-380-7814 and presuming he ignores your call, feel free to page him at: 800-313-9391.

* And don’t forget the General Manager (and reportedly regional executive) who started this mess: Jim Diehl, jim.diehl@…, phone: 704-333-9000, fax (directly to his office): 704-358-6522.

* Finally,Customer Care at https://www.marriott.com/suggest/suggest.mi or 888-236-2427

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