Yes, He Wants To Return To Law Enforcement!

This is beyond outrage.

If you live in Farm Country and even think anything like this occurs in your vicinity, you better step up and clean it up now.

Otherwise it just fuels the Bolshevik lust for totally berserk control over all things great or small.

A man like this is truly a danger to himself and others.

I do not want to be a vegetarian (or most assuredly vegan!!!) but I certainly do not want to eat beef from animals abused in this fashion.

And I especially do not want to think I bump elbows with a guy like this at the local watering hole or restaurant.


Sickening Excerpt:

By Denise Yost
Published: May 27, 2010
Updated: May 27, 2010

He said he has spent the last six years in the Army and is studying to become a police officer in Ohio.

“I have a few things … appointments at the VA. I’m a disabled vet. I did six years in the Army, been overseas. I have some animals that I have to take care of.

And like you said, I’m actually in a law-enforcement program because I have been a police officer.

So I have exams. I know these charges are pretty serious, but if I don’t show up for those exams, I’ll be in even more financial ruins,” Gregg said during his arraignment.

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