Feral Cops War On Dogs Part The Ad Nauseum

Now in concert with the gentle approach of summer Police across the country renew their annual campaign against dogs and other pets.

Knowledgeable readers are familiar with the drill: when they came for the dogs I said nothing for I owned no dogs.

When they came for the cats I said nothing for I owned no cats.

When they came for me, there was no dog or cat owner left to speak on my behalf.

And then, of course, there is the matter of Marksmanship.

In Washington, DC it took seven or eight shots to kill a 13 year old 40 lb dog and in Missouri it took two shots about a minute apart to kill a restrained 60 lb dog at a distance of five feet.

But wait, there is MORE! A North Carolina STATE TROOPER trapped a KITTEN and THEN SHOT IT! Now he wants his job BACK after HE GOT FIRED!

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Classic Starlets and Guns! Redux

Finger On The Trigger With the Hammer Down. Hmmmm.

Ummmmm, No Comment

Ditto No Comment

Hard to believe it has been over a year since my visit to Starlet Showcase Blog!


In the interim they have been realllly busy with the Women & Guns category.


It is well worth the visit to see vintage photos of women from the past with their favorite pistols and long arms! And I say that with a completely straight face.


Limited Edition Jeff Cooper Steyr Scout

The folks at Steyr Arms have worked up a limited run of 300 Jeff Cooper Scout Commemorative Rifles.

Just as no one sells a good cast iron pot at a yard sale, authentic Steyr Jeff Cooper Scouts are rarely available for sale at gun shops or gun shows.

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Democrat Congressman Goes Berserk!!

It matters not if the rest of the world has already posted this video, I will post it here as well!!

Heavens to Murgatroid!

Every Hollywood Bimbo on the planet must endure the constant attention of predatory paparazzi 24/7 and yet somehow one of our exalted rulers can not handle a simple street encounter with a couple of well dressed amateur College Student videographers.

How much longer will America endure these pompous elected prima donnas?

The arrogant bustards!

They are regulatory polluters, legislative abusers, and now violent assault abusers!

David Codrea Has A Poll Link HERE

Shoot To Wound And Elsie Dinsmore

Elsie Dinsmore Early Edition

David Codrea discusses a new “shoot to wound” policy on EXAMINER.COM. CLICK LINK HERE

Sadly, the idea is hardly new.

The cultural origin of some of these dangerous concepts are vast and deep.

Before We, the Baffled, were blessed with Hollyweird movies and television scripts, there came the Victorian Era of writers when authors such as Charles Dickens made a fortune with his picture of the ultimate Businessman- Ebenezer Scrooge- and America had a remarkably successful author in one Martha Finley.

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The Ultimate Ramset Hole Punch Tool

Ramset is a brand name for equipment generically referred to as a “powder actuated” hammer or “velocity tool”

They are used to fasten hardened nails into concrete with something on the order of a .22 cartridge.

As Kleenex has become an all purpose term for tissue; Ramset has become an all purpose term for this class of equipment.

Until the other day I was unaware velocity tools could be used to make holes as well as fasten nails into concrete.

What kind of holes you ask?

Boy howdy, try holes in really thick steel, such as, um, railroad track. No kidding, see for yourself.

I know not what size cartridge they use to do this, but I doubt it is a .22!