Real Gunfights: Triggernometry

Another jewel to archive in the JohnJacobH Real Gunfight Catalog. I highly recommend it to students of combat arms:


Tantalizing Excerpt:

Seconds that Save Your Life
by Jim Higginbotham
Monday, July 19, 2010

There is only one type of shooting competition that only has a trophy for second place. The trophy is generally made of granite, has an epitaph inscribed on it, and when it is awarded to you, you are surrounded by everyone you love, crying their eyes out because you are dead. It’s called a tombstone.

A gunfight is a competition, but it isn’t a standard shooting competition like those you see in timed shooting sports. Speed is a factor, but it isn’t the only factor. And there will always be factors outside of your control, such as the physical and mental state of the threatening party, his competence, how well we shoot under the pressure of a gunfight, and what we are doing while engaging our adversary to keep from getting shot (or cut, or bludgeoned, etc.).

Some things, however, you can control, or at least prepare to control, and many of these involve speed and can be practiced. They are how fast you are able to present your weapon, how fast you can fire it accurately, and how fast you can reload when you are out of bullets or in danger of soon being out of bullets.

Wyatt Earp, one of the most famous gunfighters of all time, is quoted as saying: “Take your time…but be quick about it! He is also quoted as saying something to the effect of “Fast is fine but accuracy is final”. The interplay between these two factors, speed and accuracy, is one reality we must always recognize, the faster you go the less accurate you are.

Free Elk Hunt

Yup. Free Elk Hunt.

That is the good news.

The bad news- it is run by all the usual bureaucrats you love to hate.

Right now I am not entirely sure it might not be cheaper just to pay a guide service the market rate.

In any case, it may be worth a look for the select group of people who can deal with the red tape.

Since it is a cull hunt I assume Rangers will be available to identify individuals designated for removal.


Tantalizing Excerpt:

Earlier this month, officials with the Theodore Roosevelt National Park put out word that it was seeking pro packers to assist with its upcoming elk-reduction efforts. Now, the North Dakota park is accepting applications from hunters interested in volunteering to help cull about 250 cow elk from the herd of approximately 950 animals that make the South Unit area their home.

Up to 20 volunteers will be needed for each of 12 weeks beginning Nov. 1. No hunting license or tags will be required, and there is no fee for participation. Plus, volunteers may receive meat from up to one elk, depending on each week’s total harvest success rate.

“There has been a strong interest in volunteering for this program for some time, and we are very pleased to announce the availability of this application,” said Park Superintendent Valerie Naylor. “We have gone to great lengths to automate and streamline the application process, and to ensure the selection of volunteers will be as fair as possible.”

The War On Knives

Seriously. Do Bolshevik Liberals ever rest? Ever Sleep?

Ever find any reason to leave anyone alone for any reason?

The Federalist Papers were addressed to the “The People Of New York” in a (successful) attempt to cajole them to ratify the Constitution.

Ever since it has been all downhill.

We now have a War On Knives wherein the oldest implement of civilization, known to Mankind since the Stone Age, is demonized by some pathetic power hungry punk who would die of starvation the minute he was more than 30 minutes away from a bodega.

(Think I exaggerate? Remember James Kim, CNET Editor who knew all about everything except WHAT TO DO in a snow storm? Darn near killed his wife and child as well! CLICK LINK HERE)

Read the details and weep for your children.


Pathetic details:

After contact from the Manhattan DA’s Office, all of the New York companies agreed reform their business practices – including a prohibition on the sale of illegal knives and to turn over their entire stock of knives to the DA’s Office. Upon full compliance, the DA’s Office agrees to not prosecute these companies. To date, 1,343 knives have been turned over to the Office.

As part of the agreements and Office policy, nearly $1.9 million will be distributed to the City and State: 10 percent will be given to the State ($190K); 51 percent will be given to the City ($969,000); and the remainder ($741,000) set aside for our law enforcement partners. Those funds will be available to other DA’s offices who want to partner with the Manhattan DA’s Office to continue this fight against illegal knives. The funds will be put into an escrow account and will be dispersed following a 60-day application period, and divided equally among those office that apply. If all 61 counties take part, they would each receive approximately $12,000.

New AR15 Lowers Banned By BATFE

Here we go again.

While the Spaghetti Spined Republicans sing a rousing chorus of their version of Little Orphan Annie’s Tomorrow, the malignant Democrats continue their trek to destroy America from within virtually unmolested.

All together:

The sun’ll come out
in November!
Bet your bottom dollar
In November
There’ll be sun!
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Attack Of The Trash Police!

Yes, Virginia, there are such creatures as Trash Police.

No word on whether they are armed or whether they will break down your door at midnight and shoot your dog.

They do however seem to have taken instruction from former President William Jefferson “BJ” Clinton on the proper definition of the word “is” since they are able to distinguish between the lawful use of a trash can and a refuse receptacle.


Tantalizing Excerpt:

CALLER: Well, the garbage police are onto me. I — about two weeks ago I was anticipating a delivery from our local UPS driver. I noticed the driver was several blocks away. So I walked down the street, got the package from the driver and proceeded back to my office. On the way back, I opened the envelope, took the contents out and dropped the envelope in the trash can as I was walking into my office. Two days later I get this notice in the mail, or three days later I get the notice in the mail that I have unlawfully used city maintained baskets and ……..

CALLER: Right. Right. Well, in Charleston we have some pretty strict guidelines on using trash.

GLENN: Apparently.

CALLER: And that’s not actually a trash can. That is a refuse receptacle, if I’m — if I remember correct, correctly.

Attack Of The Reasonable Restriction Nazis

It is said by the wise to be careful for what you wish, for it may be granted.

After 234 years of confusion and contention the Right Of the People To Keep and Bear Arms is officially acknowledged and accepted by the Imperial Feral Government of these United States as Stare decisis.

Or so We, the Befuddled, are led to believe.

Remember, when the topic is abortion, there exists the “penumbra of a right” to kill at will. CLICK LINK HERE

When the topic is impeachment of the President Of The United States for obstruction of justice, Scottish Law prevails. CLICK LINK HERE

But when the topic is the 2nd Amendment-all the above and more, maybe not so much applies!

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