New AR15 Lowers Banned By BATFE

Here we go again.

While the Spaghetti Spined Republicans sing a rousing chorus of their version of Little Orphan Annie’s Tomorrow, the malignant Democrats continue their trek to destroy America from within virtually unmolested.

All together:

The sun’ll come out
in November!
Bet your bottom dollar
In November
There’ll be sun!

Just thinkin’ about
Clears away the cobwebs,
And the sorrow
‘Til there’s none!

I love ya
You’re always
A Vote
A way!

This was the song Republicans sang when Newt “Contract With America” Gingrich told We, The Gullible, Republicans would shut down the UnConstitutional Department of Education.

This was the song Republicans sang when We, The Gullible cheered the acension of George “Freedom First” Bush so he could DOUBLE the size of the Education Department in league with Ted “The Swimmer” Kennedy and install Maximum Mike Sullivan as “Acting Director of BATFE” (whatever that means).

And now We, The Trampled, suffer under yet another onerous illegal edict imposed by the compliance check Matriarchy.

From comes this latest abuse and usurpation.

Here at JohnJacobH we saw this ATF abuse coming back in the good ole’ days of George W. “Vote Freedom First” Bush



Tantalizing explanation from Gunshop Owner:

Hello Everyone,

My name is Mike Stulce & I have been the owner of Champion Firearms since founding the store back in 1993. I am proud to call myself a Texan, and even prouder to be Texas A&M class of ’91 (I do not wear wedding or class rings in my store b/c they tend to scratch walnut stocks).

And, to set the record straight, my store was visited by a BATF agent 2- weeks after the election. Although I was not there for the conversation, both my wife & general manager (BadSVT) were present.

The female ATF agent stated, “if we find out that you are knowingly selling lowers for the purpose of manufacturing a firearm, we will shut your store down. We (the ATF) have recently closed down another store for this reason (in a Texas border town), and will do the same to you if we feel you are knowingly selling lowers for the purpose of your customers mfg firearms. Lowers are sold as “replacement parts ONLY!” Immediately afterward, a number of other FFL’s told me they received similar visits and lectures from the ATF…some were so scared that they reported abandoning the sale or transfer of lowers altogether.

This conversation was also tied to the escalating violence on the Texas border. Pursuant to this ultimatum and after speaking to my attorney about it, I posted the signs and began to have customers sign a waiver acknowledging that Champion Firearms is selling the receiver as a replacement only, or to be taken to a licensed mfg.

As a follow- up, another ATF agent reviewed our sign and waiver the following year in our store. He stated that they were satisfied with our attempt to follow their policy with regard to the manufacture of firearms from lower receivers.

In conclusion, this is what I do for a living and how I feed my family. I am an avid gun enthusiast and do not always agree with every gun law or policy that governmental agencies impose, but I would genuinely be an “idiot/ dumb ass, etc. ” if I didn’t take such precautions to maintain my license and livelihood.


-Mike Stulce
Champion Firearms

2 responses to “New AR15 Lowers Banned By BATFE

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  2. Mike is a good guy. He doesn’t know me, but I’ve spent a lot of time in his shop and his range. I even worked at another firearms range and still came to his place.

    I’ve dealt with the BATFE and I know that he is between a rock and a hard place with those folks. We can support him and let our elected representatives know how we feel.

    Other than maybe running for office yourself, that’s about all you can do.

    Make a trip to Champions if you’re in the College Station area. You’ll like the place.

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