The War On Knives

Seriously. Do Bolshevik Liberals ever rest? Ever Sleep?

Ever find any reason to leave anyone alone for any reason?

The Federalist Papers were addressed to the “The People Of New York” in a (successful) attempt to cajole them to ratify the Constitution.

Ever since it has been all downhill.

We now have a War On Knives wherein the oldest implement of civilization, known to Mankind since the Stone Age, is demonized by some pathetic power hungry punk who would die of starvation the minute he was more than 30 minutes away from a bodega.

(Think I exaggerate? Remember James Kim, CNET Editor who knew all about everything except WHAT TO DO in a snow storm? Darn near killed his wife and child as well! CLICK LINK HERE)

Read the details and weep for your children.


Pathetic details:

After contact from the Manhattan DA’s Office, all of the New York companies agreed reform their business practices – including a prohibition on the sale of illegal knives and to turn over their entire stock of knives to the DA’s Office. Upon full compliance, the DA’s Office agrees to not prosecute these companies. To date, 1,343 knives have been turned over to the Office.

As part of the agreements and Office policy, nearly $1.9 million will be distributed to the City and State: 10 percent will be given to the State ($190K); 51 percent will be given to the City ($969,000); and the remainder ($741,000) set aside for our law enforcement partners. Those funds will be available to other DA’s offices who want to partner with the Manhattan DA’s Office to continue this fight against illegal knives. The funds will be put into an escrow account and will be dispersed following a 60-day application period, and divided equally among those office that apply. If all 61 counties take part, they would each receive approximately $12,000.


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