Lawful Carry In Texas Bank!

Bring your guns to the bank folks!

In Chappell Hill, Texas they want your money to be safe and they want you to be safe while you have it!

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Real Gunfights-The Urban Juvenile Predator

Here is a fairly common urban phenomenon- when a modern adult encounters a hostile band of city juveniles, the youngest of the youngsters is likely to be armed and even more likely to be untethered to any sense of restraint because modern society has taught them they have a free ticket to ride until they reach the age of 18.

This can be confirmed in any courtroom where the docket is usually filled with a remarkable number of 18 year olds charged with serious adult felonies the day after their 18th birthday.

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In Memoriam, John Armor aka Congressman BillyBob

Had he been a darling of the left John Armor would have been one of those ubiquitous talking head guests on late night talk shows and early morning wake-up interviews.

As it was,he remained just a lowly right wing Constitutional lawyer who worked the back fields of the Republic as vigorously as he was able.

And you, to whom adversity has dealt the final blow
With smiling bastards lying to you everywhere you go
Turn to, and put out all your strength of arm and heart and brain
And like the Mary Ellen Carter, rise again

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Harold Plunkett Returns To The B-17

Here at JohnJacobH Blog we have followed the adventures of Harold Plunkett, WWII Ball Turret Gunner with great admiration.


We are glad to see he remains air worthy in this, his latest episode aboard the legendary B-17.


Tantalizing Excerpt:
St. Louis, MO ( – The ‘Liberty Belle’ B-17 is an icon of American history. It has taken fight in the skies over St. Louis. The B-17 is perhaps the most iconic aircraft of World War II. This weekend, St. Louisans will have the chance to get a close up look at one of only 14 still being flown today.

The planes were built toward the end of the war. This particular version of the Liberty Belle never saw combat but it does have a long history. In 1979 the midsection was crushed by a tornado. Eventually it was bought by the Liberty Foundation and restored so everyone could share in the history of this legendary plane.

More than 12,000 B-17s were built during the war. A staggering 4,700 of them went down in action.

NPR THE STORY: Bozo Bolsheviks Vandalize Hunters Cabin

For me to listen to Nitwit Propaganda Radio (NPR) is akin to some kind of Rambo Warrior endurance test- the longer I can hold my hand over the candle flame the sooner I will achieve a higher state of combat bliss.

Consequently it is not an exercise in which I often engage since I see no real reason to damage my trigger finger to achieve Rambo Warrior bliss.

But apparently I should listen more often because when I heard this story my jaw dropped.

Short story long: Mr & Mrs. Bolshevik fall in love with an isolated rustic Maine Cabin and rent it for a week’s vacation.

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WOW! Open Carry At The Nail Salon!

Believe it! I wish they all could be California Girls because these girls have the brass to open carry in California when they go to their hairdresser nail salon!

From American Trigger Sports Network comes this report. Sorry if you have already seen it, but I am a little behind on my mail.

Watch it again anyway.

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Farm Guns And The Jobs They Do

My Trusty Dan Wesson .357 Farm Gun

My Trusty Dan Wesson .357 Farm Gun

Frank W. James demonstrates the proper way to blog about guns (the 10MM Auto) —specifically by how well they function in the context of a tool to carry to accomplish certain tasks. (CLICK LINK HERE (LINK IS NOW DEAD, For Reader Convenience Fair Use Excerpt from Frank W. James at bottom of page))

His comments remind me just how different life is out on the farm.

About 10-15 years ago I started to hang around an Old Farmer’s “back 40” on a fairly regular basis and came to appreciate how common views about guns and shooting over the course of my lifetime have become skewed in favor of complete foolishness.

It matters not whether the foolishness is the foolishness of “responsible gunownership” Nazis wherein every demand of every gungrabber must be met without complaint or resistance or the foolishness of competition shooters where the race to shoot the lightest load out of the most delicately assembled racegun and holster overtake the practicalities of hitting a target with the intent of threat elimination-it is all foolishness!

A few trips to Farm Country and the noise of the competition racegun rabble or responsible gunowner goons fades to the reality of a vital need for protection against things that will poke you, bite you or eat you every chance they get.

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Harry Reid Votes Kagen On 2nd Amendment Concern

Poor Harry Reid. He was born with a silver gaffe in his mouth. Anthony G. Martin has all the details.


Tantalizing Excerpt:

Harry Reid claims vote for Kagan out of ‘concern for 2nd Amendment’

* August 13th, 2010 3:08 pm
* By Anthony G. Martin, Conservative Examiner

Advocates for keeping Harry Reid, D-Nevada, in the U.S. Senate based upon the flaws of his opponent, Republican Sharron Angle, are hard-pressed to defend the Senate majority leader over his rather frequent unintelligible gibberish.

The latest example is Reid’s defense of his vote in favor of Leftwing extremist Elena Kagan for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Reid claims his vote for Kagan was ‘out of concern for the Second Amendment.’

My Wilderness Tactical Belt

My Ten Year Old Wilderness Tactical Belt

My Ten Year Old Wilderness Tactical Belt

In a perfect world it should be possible to acquire something to suit a need -and use or wear it secure in the knowledge it was a well considered and satisfactory purchase.

Certainly that was my thought when I bought a Wilderness Tactical Web Belt at a local gunshow one bright spring day many moons ago. (Only gunshows or gun shops have them because Macy’s, Sears and JC Penney have yet to stock their shelves with anything remotely similar)

The belt, in functional terms, has certainly met or exceeded every expectation. After 10 years of reasonably heavy wear it does not have the rundown shopworn look all my previous leather belts achieved in just six months.

In fact, except for some scuffs on the buckle it could pass as a nearly new belt in almost every situation I can imagine. (Okay, I might not wear it to a White House dinner, but I doubt any invitations will be in the mail anytime soon)

But the Wilderness Tactical Belt does come with some peculiar 21st Century baggage.

To wit: there are at least two groups of people who seem determined to comment on my choice of apparel whether or not I ask their thoughts on the matter.

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High Resolution North Carolina Bill Of Rights


For some mysterious reason, the entire RKBA Universe is focused on exactly one National Archive parchment copy of the handwritten PROPOSED Bill Of Rights which, for equally mysterious reasons, has three commas in the 2nd (Fourth) Amendment.

Here is another handwritten parchment copy of the Bill Of Rights from the same time period transcribed by a different clerk who, for some reason, wrote the 2nd (Fourth) Amendment with ONE COMMA.

This copy is “out there” on the Internet, but Google does not exactly assist casual searchers who seek it.

So I repost my copy forwarded from E-Mail here to help the few remaining ONE COMMA 2nd Amendment Supporters bolster their position in scholarly debates around the Blogosphere.