Bluetooth Handgun

Hi! Mr. Wetblanket here!

While this kind of project is cute and technologically possible such frippery always leaves me with a queasy stomach.

The replica pistol cigarette lighters from yesteryear encouraged people to point weapons at each other randomly and without purpose and now this guy seeks to train people to routinely put a pistol to their temple and pull the trigger.

Great muscle memory exercise!

I have said it before CLICK LINK and I will repeat it here:

I figure someday most everyone will figure out weapons are not toys, not for relaxation or sport or entertainment, but tools to be treated with utmost respect and caution and have but one purpose: to harm someone before they can harm you.

For details from the Mayor Of The Smallest Town In America CLICK LINK

A tantalizing excerpt:
Any of you who know me well enough know that I hate talking on the telephone. I really, really, really hate it. Inspired by the Retro Wireless Handset project from Make Vol. 20, I decided to mod a Bluetooth earpiece for my phone out of a kids plastic toy gun. Now, I look forward to receiving a call from the First Lady while I’m at work. I draw the gun out of my pocket, stick the barrel in my ear (the speaker is in the business end), and pull the trigger to answer the call.

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