Dark Blue Dim Bulb?

America Online has a promotional video on their front page (CLICK LINK HERE)for a Television show called Dark Blue presumably about corrupt police.

Normally, after a steady diet of David Codrea’s Only Ones Files, I would be a likely sucker for such a story line but the promotional video left me in a state of wonderment.

The video features the rotating brass base of a cartridge as it moves through space until it reaches an impact point.

Call me crazy, but I am unaware of any pistol, rifle, shotgun or howitzer (for that matter) which fires a projectile with the brass case attached intact as it moves downrange toward the designated target.

Is this another case of Hollyweird Wizards who pollute public discourse with “facts” that do not exist in any nook or cranny of the real world?

Or do I once again offer the world a display of my abysmal ignorance?

My wonderment is boundless.

I am unable to capture or post the video, perhaps an Internet Saavy Type could grab it before it disappears.

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