WOW! Open Carry At The Nail Salon!

Believe it! I wish they all could be California Girls because these girls have the brass to open carry in California when they go to their hairdresser nail salon!

From American Trigger Sports Network comes this report. Sorry if you have already seen it, but I am a little behind on my mail.

Watch it again anyway.

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4 responses to “WOW! Open Carry At The Nail Salon!

  1. I was one of the participants of this. The girls day event was scheduled well in advanced by one of the women yet I do not remember if it was Julie or Amanda. We all had our nails done not our hair. Time magazine photo essays on open carry had an additional photo. I am the lobbyist involved which nobody gets my name right no matter the story.

    Responsible Citizens of California is responsible for the lobbying activity to stop the ban on open carry which is AB 1934. I also was involved with the Palo Alto Protest against and officer in East Palo Alto and I was the one that went down along with our press secretary Yih-Chau to Redondo Beach to assist with that open carry event. You can find additional pictures of all the events on Facebook or the Responsible Citizens of CA website ( We are in defense of 2nd amendment rights in CA.

    Thank you for your support

    • Welcome aboard! Many thanks for all your hard work!

      Since I spent some time in the trenches I know what it takes to produce results.

      Your efforts are impressive particularly in the PR world. I have shown this video to some women I know and they are intrigued by the idea.

      (In my neck of the woods I have been given to understand hair and nails all go together at the same location-you can have either one or both together)

      In Liberty,

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