NPR THE STORY: Bozo Bolsheviks Vandalize Hunters Cabin

For me to listen to Nitwit Propaganda Radio (NPR) is akin to some kind of Rambo Warrior endurance test- the longer I can hold my hand over the candle flame the sooner I will achieve a higher state of combat bliss.

Consequently it is not an exercise in which I often engage since I see no real reason to damage my trigger finger to achieve Rambo Warrior bliss.

But apparently I should listen more often because when I heard this story my jaw dropped.

Short story long: Mr & Mrs. Bolshevik fall in love with an isolated rustic Maine Cabin and rent it for a week’s vacation.

Only after they occupy it do they learn it is filled with thousands of dollars of taxidermy.

In direct violation of their rental contract they remove and stack the priceless mounts in the laundry room so as not to despoil their idyllic little piece of Eden.

Then they go on tax dollar funded National Public Radio to brag about it!

Now here is my question to Mr. and Mrs. Bolshevik:

Suppose you had the perfect glass and steel Bauhaus monument to Frank Lloyd Wright built out in the woods and filled with all your favorite Robert Mapplethorpe Urinary Crucifix Confections tastefully scattered throughout the doorless, closetless rooms.

Now suppose some child of Abel rented it from you and decided he could not endure your taste in Robert Mapplethorperry so he tossed it all into the arboretum to better enjoy his week long Bambi Hunt on your property?

And then you heard about it from a radio station funded with your confiscated income?

Seriously, how would you feeeeel if someone did that to you?

If you are a hunter and are offended by this gratuitous misuse of your tax dollars on THE STORY contact Nitwit Public Radio and let them hear of your ire.


UPDATE 04/14/11 Sadly, the MP3 file seems to have disappeared. I have people on the hunt to find a suitable new link.

To listen to the online mp3 CLICK LINK HERE (Scroll the button right to the halfway point, it is the 2nd of the two stories)

Aggravating NPR description:


Elvira and Joe Woodruff found the perfect summer rental. It was located at their favorite secluded spot on a lake in Maine. When they arrived to pay for the rental, the owner had a shot gun and strange “art” that made them uncomfortable. Elvira tells Dick Gordon why their decision to stay in the not so perfect rental property enhanced their relationship.

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