Real Gunfights-The Urban Juvenile Predator

Here is a fairly common urban phenomenon- when a modern adult encounters a hostile band of city juveniles, the youngest of the youngsters is likely to be armed and even more likely to be untethered to any sense of restraint because modern society has taught them they have a free ticket to ride until they reach the age of 18.

This can be confirmed in any courtroom where the docket is usually filled with a remarkable number of 18 year olds charged with serious adult felonies the day after their 18th birthday.

They have a long rap sheet of “priors” sealed by law because they were considered too young to answer for their behavior at the very time their behavior could be most easily corrected.

Anyone approached by an armed juvenile in an urban environment should consider themselves to be in a life threatening circumstance and respond appropriately.

Welcome to the 21st Century.


Brief Excerpt:

The 14-year-old girl charged with fatally shooting a man during a robbery attempt earlier this month fired her gun when one of the victims laughed at her because she was so young, according to police charging documents filed this morning.

Prosecutors, in seeking the young suspect be held without bail, described Arteesha Holt (left) in court papers as a “flight risk and a danger to the citizens of Baltimore.” The young girl is charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery, using a handgun in the commission of a violent crime and several other offenses.

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