Lawful Carry In Texas Bank!

Bring your guns to the bank folks!

In Chappell Hill, Texas they want your money to be safe and they want you to be safe while you have it!

Personally, I am more intrigued by the fact the bank is capitalized by $45,000 In Gold!

Fun facts about Chappell Hill Texas from Wikipedia:


Tantalizing Excerpt:

In 1933, the Farmers Bank of Chappell Hill refused to close its doors when so ordered by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt during a March 6 to March 10 banking freeze. The owner of the bank took out an ad in a Boston newspaper protesting the order.

Click on the thumbnails for full size pictures.

Anonymous pictures from EMail.

One response to “Lawful Carry In Texas Bank!

  1. thank you to the bank,finally some common sense for those of us who have taken the training and went thru all the background checks and got our concealed carry license. GOD Bless them

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