Dr. Ruthless

Wow! Who could forget Dr. Ruthless, the legendary proponent of street level close quarters self defense?

Back when New Yawk City was an even bigger Hellhole than it is today (if that is possible!), Dr. Ruthless stood up, Ted Nugent Style, and celebrated the primal instinct for self preservation that is the birthright of every human being.

CLICK LINK HERE for the Dr.Ruthless Website

(Note: the audio is kaput, just mute the volume, the staged scenes are necessarily somewhat cautious but check out the assailants really thick padding! What you need to see is the bubble helmet and practice protection during the training sequences! Definitely a solid idea. Anyone who goes through this class will leave more prepared to defend themselves!)

Open Carry vs Concealed Carry-The Truth

Opponents of open carry are blithering NRA old school Zumboesque Fudds or prancing modern metrosexual gungrabbers.

Simple truth: Open carry proponents generally regard their sidearm as a tool to be used quickly and efficiently in the face of dire threat-animal, human or otherwise. (Yes, sometimes a firearm is a most effective signaling device,something your Grandfather understood and you have forgotten)

A fact the”vast overwhelming majority of idiots”in American Culture do not understand about open carry is proponents do not necessarily regard every human they meet as a threat and if they do their use of open carry immediately signals they are educated in threat and have adopted a posture of immediate and effective reprisal.

Thus both Police and Military open carry THE TOOLS OF THEIR TRADE and people around them understand they are educated in their use.

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Will It Break? Improvised Weapon

Here is a real life video of how fragile (and more or less useless) the modern beer bottle will be when pressed into service as an improvised weapon.

While I have shot a few coyotes, encountered the occasional feral dog, with a few dark exceptions I have never really encountered a two legged predator with whom it was necessary to exchange blows at close quarters.

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Thomas Sowell-Dismantling America

Wow! Another great C-Span style interview! This time on RightNetwork.com!

Thomas Sowell is one of those “parallel universe” guys.

Parallel universe guys are guys out there in a parallel universe right next to the one in which we all travel.

They have always been out there, but most people do not know about them since the high octane content of their thought precludes an appearance on morning coffee interview shows or snarky late night variety shows.

The people who do know about parallel universe guys are people who have learned to travel in the parallel universe and know how to seek out parallel universe type guys.

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DemocRATS Kill Defense Bill and DADT!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)

Today DemolitioncRats Lincoln (D-AR) and Pryor (D-AR) joined Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) to kill the Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011 which will simultaneously jeopardize our troops in the field AND betray their hard core Extremist Gay Constituency with their abject inability to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.


Golf Clap guys! A finer demonstration of total incompetence would be hard to find.

You could not lead or negotiate for your benefit, your constituency or anything else.

Never was it more truly said: Government Regulators kill. And they kill indiscriminately and capriciously.

So if you are a Gay Soldier on the front line in Afghanistan know that your overlords and masters in Washington,DC really do not give a flip about what happens to you any more than they give a flip about anything else.

No money, no ammunition, no nothing!

Welcome to the wonderful world of equal opportunity!

Ho! Ho! Hey! Hey! How many troops has ObamaNation KILLED today????????

The Age Of Aquarius

For those who wonder about the historical roots of Bill Ayers vision of ObamaNation look no further than these vintage satires from the 1968 Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.

In three short comedic sketches Pat Paulsen (CLICK LINK HERE) summarizes three pillars of contemporary Bolshevik Philosophy-Social Security, Gun Control, and Health-care.

What started as yesterday’s joke is today’s reality. Sadly, no one is laughing now.

The Age Of Aquarius- Hippies proselytize the world in the the philosophy of sex, drugs and rock and roll CLICK LINK HERE.

Revealed-Gargantuan Homeland Security Compound!!

Okay, quick show of hands: how many of you out there knew the largest economic development project in the United States was the THREE BUILDING HOMELAND SECURITY COMPOUND in Washington D.C.?

Is it as large or larger than the Pentagon?

Are our masters in Washington building themselves a Palace on the Potomac from which to rule Us, the Peasants?

Are you kidding me? Do we really need another 4.65 MILLION square feet of office space the better to strip search Us, The Trampled,at the airport??

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Breaking ObamaNation:Nationalizing America’s Waterways

People need to stop their obsession with Obama’s flaws, real or imaginary. He may in fact be narcissistic, incompetent or tone deaf. SO WHAT? He wins. He wins all the time, everywhere about everything.

He and his cronies have poured sugar into America’s gas tanks, thrown sand in America’s geartrain, poisoned our collective well and monkey wrenched everything that is not nailed down, glued in place and painted over!

Quick show of hands. Does anyone believe a Rasmussen Poll of the Kulaks in 1930 Soviet Union would have shown overwhelming support for Stalin’s Policies? SO WHAT? It did NOT MATTER!


The election in November will not change anything. For every handful of initiatives the new Congress manages to defeat he will have dozens of new initiatives fueled up and ready to launch.

ObamaNation continues without pause.

This time waterways. “How does that affect me?” you ask.

Simple, you might just be a criminal if you go fishing without permission from the almighty, omniscient, all-powerful Federal Government!

Rule by Executive Order!

Tyranny by another name is…..tyranny.

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Field Strip Willy’s Jeep In Four Minutes

Ah, the good ole days! I drove one of these suckers. As long as you did not go over 25 miles an hour you were good. The All Terrain Vehicle of it’s time.

They could probably shave at least another minute off their time if they stopped screwing around.

We need to get a NASCAR crew out there to show them how.