How Many ObamacRATS Does It Take To Screw Up Dove Hunting?

Governor CupCake (left) & Her 3 Emergency Management Bears-Dinky, Binky, and Bob

(Answer: One if you are unlucky, but really, she had help)

The high winds of Hurricane Earl have already hit the Capital of North Carolina as Raleigh reels from the impact of A STATEWIDE Emergency Decree from the Governors Office that essentially bans firearms on the eve of opening day of Dove Season.

As a highly anticipated annual social event celebrated by everyone who is not a Bolshevik in Exalted Public Office from the lowest plumber to the highest of high society white shoe Attorneys-At-Law to mess with North Carolina Dove Hunters is akin to publicly avowing a distaste for Moon Pies.

It just is not done.

So to backpedal is the order of the day. Both Skinnymoose and WRAL-TV soothingly report the State Of Emergency will not affect Dove Hunters.


Excerpt from Skinnymoose:
Norman Young of the Attorney General’s office has examined the state of emergency declaration, the statutes involved and has consulted with his counterparts in the Attorney General’s criminal section. As a result of Norman’s research, he finds that during this state of emergency there is no legal impediment to hunting.

BUT!!!! NoLawyersOnlyGunsAndMoney Blog contests this interpretation with a lawyerly analysis AND an alert from GRASS ROOTS NORTH CAROLINA which basically says the Governor’s Office is lying!


Tantalizing Excerpt:
“Even if EO 62 were worded (or amended) to expressly permit the possession of firearms, the governor has no constitutional or statutory authority to suspend the effect or enforcement of a valid NC criminal law. Once she declared a State of Emergency, Gov. Perdue legally disarmed all NC civilians outside their own homes, including the thousands of otherwise legally licensed hunters expected to take to the fields for the opening of Dove season at noon Saturday.”

So the only thing that remains to be seen is how many land speed records will be broken as the Governor’s Office hurries to rescind the State Of Emergency for the 9/10ths of North Carolina not affected by Hurricane Earl so as to mitigate the insult to thousands of Democrat Voter/Hunters who have just had their toes stomped for no reason whatsoever.


Update #1

NoLawyersOnlyGunsAndMoney Blog called the Governor’s Office today and hijinks ensued:


Tantalizing Excerpt:

The young lady in the Governor’s Office did opine that she wished those spreading the “rumor” about the impact of the Executive Order would stop. The only problem is that the law reads the way it does and not the way the young lady, the Governor, or her press secretary would like it to read.

Update #2

The Charlotte Gun Rights Examiner exposes the flaws in the Governor’s explanation of EO 62:


Tantalizing Excerpt:
If the Holliman/Perdue gun ban contained in EO 62 continues to be in effect on Saturday, when North Carolina dove season opens, thousands of hunters will be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor, punishable by up to 120 days in jail. Short of rescinding EO 62, nothing Perdue or anyone else can do will change that.

It would be politically untenable for the state to prosecute any of these people, of course. But in living under the shadow of selective prosecution, North Carolina gun owners now exist at the convenience and on the good graces of Queen Beverly, who has taken your right to bear arms, and turned it into a privilege.

7 responses to “How Many ObamacRATS Does It Take To Screw Up Dove Hunting?

  1. She was just so excited about a chance to disarm people for a while that she just couldn’t help herself!
    It’s a knee jerk reaction condition!

    • No kidding, as I said over on NoLawyersOnlyGunsAndMoney Blog:

      Has anyone actually read Executive Order 62?

      It stands alone as one of the goofiest EOs or Proclamations in the entire EO Archive.

      All the standard boilerplate is almost completely absent.

      “I order”, “I delegate”, “I declare”, “I direct”….

      It is almost as though a six year old picked up a crayon and scribbled in the blank pages of a coloring book:

      “I order the sky to be blue, the grass to be green and all cows to contentedly chew their cud.”

      Little Bev Perdue- she had big aspirations even in Kindergarten.

      In Liberty,

  2. The current junta occupying the White House has emboldened every libieral in office to morph into what Jonah Goldberg coined to be a “Liberal Fascist.”

    What does that mean?

    Well it means we will be ruled by political correctness and not the constitution of our states or country.And Utopia, however it may be defined on whatever moring the subject idiot happens to get up one more time, is just the way you will have to take it.

    As to back peddling, well its obvious that the law is not observed there either, an all too common thread.

    These idiots should be turfed from office at the earliest opportunity as a danger to themselves and to the state of North Carolina. They have the intestinal fortitude of earwigs who would follow the nearest peice of rotten cheese to perdition, without anymore than a popping whimper.

    There is no longer room in government for men and women like these. We need people of character, and they do not make the mark by a long shot.

    No one can obliterate 2nd amendment rights by executive order or state law. It would require an amendment to the US constitution.It is in times of natural disaster that weapons are often most needed, not discarded at the whim of some bashibazook that has a hair acorss their puckered nether region.

    Just come and try to take mine.

  3. Thanks for the link to my blog. I love how you described it as my “lawyerly response”. Mind you, I am not a lawyer and I don’t play one on TV or on my blog.

    Still, the law is pretty clear that in states of emergency, possession and transport of “deadly weapons” (and we can agree that firearms meet that definition) off-premises is forbidden. The law doesn’t say it is only forbidden if Bev forbids it or you’re OK if Bev and Roy Cooper say it is OK.

    • Mind you, I am not a lawyer and I don’t play one on TV or on my blog.

      Duly noted.

      You did say the official GRNC Lawyer agreed with your analysis and posted the text of the GRNC Alert to that effect.

      I think that gets me off the hook.

      Many thanks for your excellent work on this subject.

      In Liberty,

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