William Shatner’s Aftermath: Ruby Ridge Interview

William Shatner Interviews Ruby Ridge Survivor Sara Weaver

Hulu.com now rebroadcasts episodes of William Shatner’s Aftermath from the Biography Channel.

Shatner conducts a sensitive, intense interview with Sara Weaver in a way that hearkens back to the best of Brian Lamb’s interviews on C-Span.

He quietly asks questions and allows Weavers’story to unfold complete and uninterrupted in her own words.

Highly recommended.

Update: The Amazon Pay-per-view is the only viable option to see this video. Still highly recommended.

Amazon.com (Pay Per View with free preview) Sara Weaver Ruby Ridge Interview CLICK HERE

Hulu.com Main Aftermath Page CLICK HERE

Sara Weaver Ruby Ridge Interview CLICK HERE


The Official William Shatner Website has commentary about Aftermath.


3 responses to “William Shatner’s Aftermath: Ruby Ridge Interview

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  2. Hey, just found your site from mixx. It’s not something I would typically read, but I liked your thoughts on it. Thank you for creating something worth reading!

  3. i was just at a testimony tonight at my church with sara weaver and this story is the saddest thing i EVER heard… when we heard her come on stage and talk she was so happy… i can only imagine how hard it was for her!!!

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