William Shatner’s Aftermath: Bernhard Goetz

William Shatner interviews Bernhard Goetz-the New York Subway Hero on the Hulu.com webcast of Aftermath.

Boy howdy, this interview has something for everyone.

Consider… in 1984 a minimally trained,minimally equipped,minimally experienced city dweller arms himself. This in the days before fancy IWB holsters, IDPA, Thunder Ranch, Gunsite etc.

He covertly practices the skills he believes necessary to understand and when the time comes engages four targets, most at near contact distance,fires five shots, avoids two no hit bystanders and manages not to kill anyone! So much for one shot .38 Special stopping power!

His pristine grasp of the doctrine of provocative acts is at a level that should be more universal,even today,and after a quarter of a century he remains confident his actions were both successful and justified even though the NRA Fudd crowd and CCH Trainer Moralists may cringe to hear him speak.

If it can be said one man can make a difference, Bernhard Goetz certainly made a difference in his neck of the woods.

New York City endured nearly a decade of high melodrama with his story after which it collectively cleaned up it’s act and lowered crime rates dramatically.

Goetz was acquitted twice by two different criminal law juries and not until some wild eyed radical Civil Law Attorney arrived to pick fly turds out of black pepper was a Civil Judgment awarded against him that forced Goetz into protective bankruptcy.

Sadly, the three thugs who completely recovered from their injuries went on to commit even more heinous crimes including rape. The rapist completed his prison term in July 2010 and has presumably been released to prey on society at large once more.

In other news, we, the audience, learn Mr. Goetz has a rather wide Bolshevik Vegetarian streak as well as unauthorized custody of wildlife (a squirrel) which is probably some kind of misdemeanor in all fifty states.

The interview ends with Goetz rather flagrantly re-enacting his part of the subway encounter in studio with a (prop? training?) pistol while William Shatner, the man who played the character Captain Kirk,(a Starship commander who violated the sovereignty of every planet his starship ever contacted while fully armed with a sidearm as well as occasionally a long arm) sternly moralizes about the shocking demonstration.

So is Bernhard Goetz a hero? A vigilante? A Cowboy? A gun toting wacko Bolshevik Leftist?

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Highly recommended.

Amazon.com (Pay Per View with free preview) Bernhard Goetz Interview CLICK LINK HERE

Hulu.com Bernhard Goetz Interview CLICK LINK HERE.

The Official William Shatner Website has commentary about Aftermath.


2 responses to “William Shatner’s Aftermath: Bernhard Goetz

    • By his own admission he kept rubbing the Oligarchy’s nose in their “inept, incompetent, and corrupt behavior” .

      Do not tease dragons for you are crunchy and good to eat.

      All in all it came out more or less well.

      If he had just kept his mouth shut, especially in that first interrogation video he would have absolutely been hailed as hero.

      In Liberty,

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