Time To Make Smokey Bear Into A Rug

Smokey The Bearskin Rug

Regular readers (all five of you!) know I have posted about the evil of trees and Smokey the Bear from my earliest days on this blog.

From Dr.Thomas M.Bonnicksen’s excellent exposition about early forests and the fires that maintained them to Australia’s frontal assault on the insanity of modern Tree Huggers and the tree worship policies they have created, I have tried to sound the alarm about the threat to America’s infrastructure from a 100 year policy of misguided fire suppression.


Now that Michael Bane can smell the smoke from his secret hidden bunker in Colorado this may be the time to revisit the issue.


Short story long: The fuel load in America’s rural and urban areas from deadwood and misplaced urban Forestry policies rivals the fuel load of Rome when Nero ruled with results that could be just as cataclysmic.

We will not need civil unrest to turn America into a smoking pit of ash and rubble from coast to coast and sea to shining sea.

Just a few megafires under ideal or near ideal weather conditions will do it for us.

Fortunately, I am happy to find yet another authority to lend his expertise on the subject: J. Wayne Fears

Check out his column: What Smokey the Bear Didn’t Tell You


Tantalizing Excerpt:

Today, we’ve learned that the dreaded fires Smokey the Bear preached against are one of the most-effective tools to clean-up litter off the forest floor, cause germination and regrowth of native plants and open-up the understory of the forest. Then the forest can receive sunlight and create an abundance of food, cover and habitat for wildlife. Fire is one of the best tools to use to increase food and cover for deer on any property.

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