Breaking ObamaNation:Nationalizing America’s Waterways

People need to stop their obsession with Obama’s flaws, real or imaginary. He may in fact be narcissistic, incompetent or tone deaf. SO WHAT? He wins. He wins all the time, everywhere about everything.

He and his cronies have poured sugar into America’s gas tanks, thrown sand in America’s geartrain, poisoned our collective well and monkey wrenched everything that is not nailed down, glued in place and painted over!

Quick show of hands. Does anyone believe a Rasmussen Poll of the Kulaks in 1930 Soviet Union would have shown overwhelming support for Stalin’s Policies? SO WHAT? It did NOT MATTER!


The election in November will not change anything. For every handful of initiatives the new Congress manages to defeat he will have dozens of new initiatives fueled up and ready to launch.

ObamaNation continues without pause.

This time waterways. “How does that affect me?” you ask.

Simple, you might just be a criminal if you go fishing without permission from the almighty, omniscient, all-powerful Federal Government!

Rule by Executive Order!

Tyranny by another name is…..tyranny.


Horrifying excerpt:

Furthermore, in determining whether shipping, commercial fishing, oil and natural gas drilling, or recreational boating will adversely affect a particular ecosystem, our newly anointed spatial planners are urged to take a “precautionary approach.” Similarly, these activities are to be “sustainable.” These slippery terms are an open invitation to regulatory mischief on a grand scale.

The president’s instruction to “take such action as necessary” will inevitably lead to a tidal wave of new regulations under the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, or some other federal statute, all of which will have the force of law behind them.

What the administration in effect is putting in place is an alternative power structure that circumvents existing state and local decision-making bodies and replaces them with made-in-Washington zoning. All of this is taking place without the consent of Congress, without the consent of the governors, and, most important of all, without the consent of the governed.

2 responses to “Breaking ObamaNation:Nationalizing America’s Waterways

  1. If this is true,and Obama is passing Laws almost daily by Executive Order to undermine our Gov’t and its people;we are in the biggest over throw of America. The only way for the USA to stand is to take Barack H. Obama out of office now. We will have to call for a Military takeover and replace the complete system. If he, is allowed to stay there will be blood in the streets of America. It is difficult to believe Americans will allow communism to stand. The News Media has had a black out since the 2009 Administration took office.

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