Thomas Sowell-Dismantling America

Wow! Another great C-Span style interview! This time on!

Thomas Sowell is one of those “parallel universe” guys.

Parallel universe guys are guys out there in a parallel universe right next to the one in which we all travel.

They have always been out there, but most people do not know about them since the high octane content of their thought precludes an appearance on morning coffee interview shows or snarky late night variety shows.

The people who do know about parallel universe guys are people who have learned to travel in the parallel universe and know how to seek out parallel universe type guys.

(Can you hear me Michael Bane? Maybe the NSSF should stop with the conferences on how to relabel Sport Utility Rifles CLICK LINK HERE and have a conference instead about how to give the masses access to the Outdoor Channel and The Sportsman’s Channel. Odd business that. I can get 25 varieties of MTV and LOGO on basic cable, which I do not want and do not watch, but I have to pay through the nose to get Shooting Gallery. So I do not watch! But enough with the digression!)

Now,thankfully, Thomas Sowell is as close as my computer AND with the backing of a major sponsor-Geico!

So join the fun! The water in the parallel universe is just fine!

Great, great interview. Must see.


Tantalizing Excerpt:

Dismantling America

Paraphrase (not quote) from interview:

What was Harlem like when you were a child?

Very different, very safe. I would get up from bed, get dressed and go out to a street corner newsstand.

There was this little white guy selling magazines at Midnight right out on the sidewalk.

Today the two of us would be taken in for psychiatric evaluation.

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