Open Carry vs Concealed Carry-The Truth

Opponents of open carry are blithering NRA old school Zumboesque Fudds or prancing modern metrosexual gungrabbers.

Simple truth: Open carry proponents generally regard their sidearm as a tool to be used quickly and efficiently in the face of dire threat-animal, human or otherwise. (Yes, sometimes a firearm is a most effective signaling device,something your Grandfather understood and you have forgotten)

A fact the”vast overwhelming majority of idiots”in American Culture do not understand about open carry is proponents do not necessarily regard every human they meet as a threat and if they do their use of open carry immediately signals they are educated in threat and have adopted a posture of immediate and effective reprisal.

Thus both Police and Military open carry THE TOOLS OF THEIR TRADE and people around them understand they are educated in their use.

Hence, at the height of the Iraq War in the most violent conflict zones even Army Generals open carried their issue Berettas in a cross-the-chest holster which allowed immediate access to their pistol while they stood or sat or rode in a vehicle.

This type of holster has yet to be adopted by American Peace Officers though I suspect the day is not far off.

Concealed carry proponents, on the other hand, somehow assume in the face of dire threat they will have time to fumble with their shirt or pants or underwear or socks to respond effectively to the immediate situation.

They accept this substantial risk of death or dismemberment because they do not want to OFFEND the vast overwhelming majority of Bolshevik Carrie Nation acolytes who have henpecked an entire country into the most barbaric social policies since, well since Attila The Hun!

Remember prohibition? Okay, how about the War On Drugs? CLICK LINK HERE

Me? I would rather live in an open carry society where every adult understands he or she must bear a fair share of the burden of civilization anytime and everywhere.

People in the much maligned “Wild West” always had a rifle scabbard on their horse saddle or buckboard, a pistol on their waist and let us always remember and never forget the double barreled (gasp! loaded) coach gun carried over the head of stage coach passengers as they bounced and swayed on hardscrabble washboard roads to travel to San-Fran-Cisco!

Yup! What a difference century makes!

Imagine pulling into a San-Fran-Cisco Trailways Station today with a loaded blackpowder short double barrel shot gun under one arm!

No travel case or nothing!

The sight of rifles slung over the shoulders of teenagers and adults is common in Israel and Switzerland whether on the subway or walking down a city street.

America, well into the 1960’s, was no different. Even today farmers and ranchers in rural areas wear their pistols into town without much notice from the locals.

Colonel Jeff Cooper, the “gun guru” open carried his cocked and locked 1911A1 all over his home state of Arizona right up to his death.

If it is good enough for the Colonel, it is good enough for me.

8 responses to “Open Carry vs Concealed Carry-The Truth

  1. You had me on your side until you attacked the CCW crowd with the assumption that we carry that way not to offend anyone. I am actually a proponent of open carry and I frequently do, however I sometimes carry concealed. I can see the benefits of both and I do not begrudge others for their choice on how they carry. This should be a personal choice. The miniscule time difference it takes me to draw from a concealed carry (and I can draw quickly) as opposed to drawing from an open carry is not significant. I respect everyone’s right to carry and I respect your choice to do so openly. Please to not assume why I carry concealed and then judge me for your wrong assumption.

    • Come on Frank, calm down a little. You know full well that many people carry concealed for just that reason… they are either uncomfortable or they believe that others will be uncomfortable around an “Open Carried” weapon.

      So he is stating a FACT, I have been on MANY blogs and sites where this is thrown out as the main reason for citizens not doing “Open Carry”.

      I have made it a point of Open Carrying at least a few times a week, and the reception has always been great. Many times it just starts a conversation with other gun owners and in some cases I have converted people from strict Concealed Carry to really standing up for their rights and doing Open Carry.

      The more of us that get out there and STAND tall in the exhibition of one of our fundamental rights, the more people that will stand with us!

      • Don S. said:
        You know full well that many people carry concealed for just that reason…

        Definitely time to destroy this myth the only good carry is concealed carry.

        In Liberty,

    • Frank Wright said:
      You had me on your side until you attacked the CCW crowd with the assumption……..

      My comments were not necessarily directed at you personally and you certainly have a point.

      I have been known to open carry and conceal carry at the same time.

      Nevertheless, if you have ever been inside the “10 second” window you realize CCH can be a real losing proposition.

      Whether you are fast is not relevant. Are you fast ENOUGH? That is the only test that matters.

      In Liberty,

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  3. Hi! This post could not be written any better!
    Reading through this post reminds me of my good old room mate!
    He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this post to him.
    Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

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