Otis McDonald In His Own Words

As was the case with Heller (CLICK LINK HERE) We,The Grateful, often forget the ordinary people behind the Right To Keep And Bear Arms both in the 18th Century and today.

Through no fault of his own Otis McDonald was just an ordinary retiree who found himself in a neighborhood very different from the one in which he and his family lived for many years.

As a responsible homeowner and taxpayer he had no choice but to protect the life and property he worked to acquire for his entire career.

The government of Chicago disagreed and thought he should suffer the fate of a heretic for his desire to exercise the ordinary right of self defense.

It has been said “A Conservative is a former Liberal who fears he may be mugged.”

Certainly Otis McDonald sees the world in a different light today.


Tantalizing Excerpt:

Otis McDonald, whose successful challenge of Chicago’s draconian handgun ban has led to the Supreme Court’s recognition of the Second Amendment as protecting the right to keep and bear arms from infringement by all levels of government, including state and local governments, has endorsed Illinois State Senator Bill Brady for governor. If the video to the left doesn’t work, click here.

His choice–despite being “a life-long Democrat,” is perhaps not surprising. Senator Brady has stated his support for ending the state’s denial of the right to carry a defensive handgun, as quoted here in the Springfield State Journal-Register:

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