The War On Food S510

Only a week ago the violent excesses of Bureaucracy in the War On Food under current law were documented here: CLICK LINK

To no avail.

The Senate just passed their version of an expanded and revamped FDA with the aid of 15 Republican Senators.

Our good friend, the Welshman, is mad as hell about it all in his latest Conservative Examiner Column. (As he should be!)



15 GOP senators help Democrats kill Constitution
Anthony G. Martin Conservative Examiner
November 30th, 2010 6:12 pm ET

In a stunning expansion of the power of unelected bureaucrats to control the population, the U.S. Senate voted today to approve S.510–the so-called ‘Food Safety Act.’ 15 GOP Senators helped Democrats pass the bill, which gives the FDA and the Agricultural Secretary powers the Constitution does not allow.

Not a single Democrat voted against the ominous measure, which was first submitted by ‘Little Dick’ Durbin, D-Illinois.

The bill gives sweeping powers to the FDA and the Secretary of Agriculture to make unilateral decisions, with no input from Congress, that can potentially shut down small family farms, particularly organic farmers.

TSA- So What?

Seems Almost Prophetic No?


A JohnJacobH Commentary

A dinnertime question arose: Any thoughts on the TSA Child Grope Clusterfoxtrot?

My answer: None I have not enumerated ad vomitus for most of my life.

To wit:

Americans have been figuratively groped and raped by Government for decades.

Remember the pop culture question: “Do you see the glass half empty or half full?”

It is a first order trick question of the type Government Bureaucrats love to ask.

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S510 Will Steal The Food From Your Mouth!

If you like the IRS you will love the new Food Safety Act Regulations whose passage will apparently break land speed records in the Lame Duck session of Congress.

Here at JohnJacobH Blog and Commissary we heard of our first food raid nearly two years ago.

Yup. SWAT team, guns drawn, the works. Really.

The criminals- a couple of women in their 20’s and some children who ranged in age from infancy to teenager were terrorized at gunpoint for several hours while officials packed up a YEAR’S supply of food and hauled it off to parts unknown.

Did I mention Dad was a Seabee deployed overseas in an Afghan Combat Zone at the time?

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The Bump Stock Returns

Two years ago RKBAians watched in amazement and horror as the saga of the Akins Accelerator unfolded in all its gory detail: CLICK LINK HERE

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Waco Jim Cavanaugh Lies Again!

Remember the War on the 1st Amendment that accelerated when Barry Soreto Obama was “immaculated” President Of the United States? CLICK LINK HERE and HERE and HERE.

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Rush Limbaugh: Three Rules Of Election Fraud

In his show last week Rush Limbaugh commented about the eerie similarity between the close election in Bridgeport Connecticut (CLICK LINK HERE) and the close election in Sampson County, North Carolina.(CLICK LINK HERE)

In both cases a stockpile of uncounted ballots appeared at a crucial moment in the audit process, in both cases the ballots radically altered the predicted outcome,in both cases the race now leans in favor of the Democrat Candidate.

These similarities prompted Rush to postulate three rules of Election Fraud:

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The REAL Forgotten American!!

This fellow McNaughton drew an elaborate portrait of the Current State Of The Union which irked me immediately upon my first view.

For reasons unknown the Artist McNaughton chose to portray the ruler of this country-the Taxpayer and Citizen-in a hapless, despondent posture. CLICK LINK HERE

There maybe a few people out there who exhibit some perverted victim mentality, but I can assure Mr. McNaughton and any others who share his belief the vast overwhelming majority of Americans do not intend to be steamrolled by Feral Bureaucrats.

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