Crazy William Tell Sniper Shot

Okay, so sometimes stuff happens on a range. CLICK LINK HERE

Aaaaand sometimes amateur trainers get a little out of hand. CLICK LINK HERE

There is always the bat poop crazy photographer. CLICK LINK HERE

But today’s feature video is just plain bat poop crazy……..

You can never quite understand what goes through the mind of the modern “Yout”.

William Tell shot an apple off his son’s head under duress at the Tyrant’s command.

While skill-at-arms is an understandable goal, in the modern environment this type of demonstration borders on reckless.

I am told before special effects squibs were available James Cagney Style Gangster Movies used similar techniques in the 1930’s.

Lon Horiuchi take note: as crazy as these kids may be, no one got hurt.

11 responses to “Crazy William Tell Sniper Shot

    • Information is neutral.

      One of Johnny Carson’s biggest laughs came from a knife throwing act.

      He also hosted Rufus Hussey (Beanshooter Man) (Slingshot Expert).

      In Liberty,

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    • I do not do enough of this type shooting to comment knowledgeably either way.

      Many people certainly argue the special effects point of view cogently.

      It is definitely an attention getter!

      In Liberty,

  2. The careful viewer will note the lack of impact in the ground behind the target.

    Freddie’s description on that video pretty much admits that it’s not real.

    • You guys are all a bunch of pikers.

      If you had ever been part of the JFK conspiracy theory wars you would know there is no fact that cannot be challenged or theory that cannot be disputed.

      Was JFK shot from the front or shot from the back? Was he shot from both directions at once? Was he shot from a distance or shot at contact range with a Secret Service pistol? One bullet or two? Or three or four?

      Obviously in this video the simplest special effect is the best special effect.

      These kids took a reputation for special effects and used that reputation to shoot a watermelon off one kid’s head with a real rifle and then denied that is exactly what they did.

      Anyone can figure that out.


      In Liberty,

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