The REAL Forgotten American!!

This fellow McNaughton drew an elaborate portrait of the Current State Of The Union which irked me immediately upon my first view.

For reasons unknown the Artist McNaughton chose to portray the ruler of this country-the Taxpayer and Citizen-in a hapless, despondent posture. CLICK LINK HERE

There maybe a few people out there who exhibit some perverted victim mentality, but I can assure Mr. McNaughton and any others who share his belief the vast overwhelming majority of Americans do not intend to be steamrolled by Feral Bureaucrats.

If this Government continues to believe they can steal our food (CLICK LINK HERE or HERE), steal our money, (CLICK LINK HERE) terrorize our families (CLICK LINK HERE), shoot our pets (CLICK LINK HERE) or just generally run riot over the landscape,(CLICK LINK HERE or HERE) they have a big surprise in store.

So I fixed Mr. McNaughton’s Portrait Of America to properly reflect reality.

No need to thank me, it was my pleasure.

The REAL Forgotten American

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