Rush Limbaugh: Three Rules Of Election Fraud

In his show last week Rush Limbaugh commented about the eerie similarity between the close election in Bridgeport Connecticut (CLICK LINK HERE) and the close election in Sampson County, North Carolina.(CLICK LINK HERE)

In both cases a stockpile of uncounted ballots appeared at a crucial moment in the audit process, in both cases the ballots radically altered the predicted outcome,in both cases the race now leans in favor of the Democrat Candidate.

These similarities prompted Rush to postulate three rules of Election Fraud:

1. Uncounted ballots are always discovered by Democrats.

2. Uncounted ballots always favor Democrats.

3. Uncounted ballots always appear when a Democrat is about to lose an election.

As more Americans become more alarmed about the direction of Leviathan Government Election fraud becomes more transparent and overt.

Al Franken’s ascendancy to the United States Senate might be considered a fluke (CLICK LINK HERE)if it had not followed on the heels of highly suspect shenanigans in the Washington State Governor’s race (CLICK LINK HERE)just a few years earlier.

Election Fraud has deep roots in 20th Century culture and the mother of all election fraud can arguably be found in the career of one Lyndon Johnson and his curious acquisition of a Texas Senate seat in 1948 as documented by biographer Robert A. Caro.

To paraphrase another Limbaughism :Elections have meaning, fraud has consequences.(Words have meaning, actions have consequences)

“Landslide” Lyndon Baines Johnson won his Senate seat in 1948 by 87 votes out of millions cast in an election where Johnson’s opponent was the Popular and Legendary Texas Governor Coke Robert Stevenson.

The rest, as they say, was history- a close, probably fraudulent Presidential election in 1960, the convoluted and questionable murder of a sitting President (in TEXAS!) in 1963, the even more convoluted interaction between Vietnam War Contractor Brown & Root (later known as Halliburton) with the Johnson Administration and finally fast forward to the Obama Administration and a virtual Pandora’s Box of Fraud, Corruption and Public Service Greed.

What did Johnson know and when did he know it in his ruthless climb to the top of American Government?

Only the slow wheels of history will uncover all the grisly details.

In the meantime Johnson’s legacy of ruling class fraud advances uninterrupted.

As documented in “Means Of Ascent” Caro’s account includes tales of high drama right down to a main street face off between Texas Ranger Frank Hamer and a group of renegade Mexican desperadoes determined to prevent inspection of an undocumented ballot box.

How contemporary does that scenario sound?

To understand the modern election it is necessary to understand the 1948 Texas Senate race and a better study can hardly be found than Robert Caro’s account in “Means Of Ascent”



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