Waco Jim Cavanaugh Lies Again!

Remember the War on the 1st Amendment that accelerated when Barry Soreto Obama was “immaculated” President Of the United States? CLICK LINK HERE and HERE and HERE.

As documented by David Codrea and The Welshman from the Liberty Sphere former ATF Special Agent In Charge “Lying Jim Cavanaugh” has become bored in retirement and returned rested and refreshed to pour literal and figurative gasoline on a fire of his own creation again, this time with the mother of all whoppers!

Not content with the havoc he wreaked in his thirty year career on duty in the Federal Bureaucracy, he now appears in a Southern Poverty Law Center Video designed to inflame tension between all Police Patrol Officers and citizens who dare to question omniscient Leviathan Government.

Put a sticker on your car that does not meet with the approval of Bureau Of Acceptable Thought and Language and you may just find yourself at the wrong end of a Patrol Officers unholstered sidearm.

The Southern Poverty Law Center video follows a well worn path of propaganda developed over the 20th Century.

1. Pick the perfect “poster child” for your topic. In this case the brutal murder of two Police Officers.

2. Use the images and language associated with your poster child to broaden the definition of your topic to include all the people and ideas you find to be a hinderance to your agenda and objectives.

3. Declare lofty ideals to be your only guiding principle when the inevitable outrage to your characterizations of people, places and events occurs.

This is the high price, We, the Citizens, yes, the Sovereign Citizens, of the United States pay for our failure to censor, punish or prosecute rogue outlaw Federal Bureaucrats.

Read the sickening details:

David Codrea #1: CLICK LINK HERE

Tantalizing Excerpt:

What this video does is intentionally widen the “us vs. them” divide between citizens and police, heightens the paranoia, and makes the most innocuous of encounters much more dangerous. Now, thanks to SPLC, something as simple as having a political bumper sticker on your car, supposedly protected speech, takes a heightened alert situation and urges police to view non-leftist political sentiment as a potentially lethal personal threat. Because with all the conflation, what message will be enough to trigger a protective reaction?

“I am an American National”? “Death to the New World Order”? How about “Oath Keepers”? Or “III”? Or “We are everywhere’? How about “I’m the NRA”? Or “Chose Life”?

David Codrea #2: CLICK LINK HERE

Tantalizing Excerpt:

The video is intended to influence police actions in their encounters with citizens. As I’ve documented in this column on numerous occasions, SPLC’s standard practice of conflating patriotic Americans who advocate government adherance to Constitutional restraints with “anti-government extremists” and racists, raises disturbing questions about the profitable “nonprofit’s” objectivity and truthfulness.

Anthony Martin adds his observations: CLICK LINK HERE

Tantalizing Excerpt:

The consequence of such a warning is that the lives of thousands of conservatives are placed at high risk. If law enforcement officials believe that their lives are in danger from every driver who has a conservative bumper sticker, it is not far-fetched to imagine a scenario in which citizens are shot and killed due to the unnecessary and ridiculous assumption by officers that their lives are automatically endangered in such encounters.

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