The Bump Stock Returns

Two years ago RKBAians watched in amazement and horror as the saga of the Akins Accelerator unfolded in all its gory detail: CLICK LINK HERE

Well, another intrepid soul has stepped forward to do battle with the BATFE Dragon this time with a centerfire rifle instead of a measly Ruger 10/22.

This bump stock apparently has no springs or internal moving parts.

Good gig if they can get away with it.



4 responses to “The Bump Stock Returns

  1. Please take a minute and look at this:

    The House of Representatives “holds the purse strings” of this nation.
    If they refuse to fund something, it withers and dies.
    The members of the new House, our representatives, need to be told that we expect them to de-fund certain programs and agencies; they are, after all, our representatives.
    I can’t think of a better agency to de-fund first than the BATF.

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