In Memoriam Aaron Zelman


It is unlikely you will hear the name Aaron Zelman or JPFO (Jews For the Preservation Of Firearms Ownership) mentioned in year end obituary retrospectives, but those familiar with his body of work for the Right To Keep and Bear Arms know a giant has passed from our ranks.

Mr. Zelman delighted to “shake his fist” in the tyrant’s face in ways few others would dare or conceive.

He was a catalyst in the finest sense of the word.

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From 1879, Christmas Wild Game Recipes

As I advised John Richardson over at No Lawyers, Only Guns and Money, (CLICK LINK HERE) I have been reliably informed the key to high volume readership of a gun blog is—Cookie Recipes.

Thus, for my New Year’s Resolution, I am determined to sprinkle more selections from the Culinary Arts and other Branches of Domestic Economy into this blog after the fashion of David Codrea’s THIS DAY IN HISTORY.

My contributions will be entitled THIS DAY IN GASTRONOME.

Sadly, as I perused my copy of Housekeeping In Old Virginia, (Copyright 1879) I realized in 1879 very few Housekeepers focused their attention on the preparation of cookies.

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Western Front Christmas 1914

In the annals of warfare few incidents are more remarkable than the spontaneous truce between two hostile armies Christmas Day 1914 on the Western Front early in Europe’s “Great War”.

Initiated outside the chain of command by individual soldiers this incident had been largely mythic until the Internet archived details unavailable for most of the 20th Century.

As the troops had already suffered upwards of 1 Million Casualties after only four months of combat because the dreaded phalanx charge could not withstand the efficiency of modern firepower-primarily the machine gun- these men were already weary of a war that would stretch out for another four long years and invoke horrors unknown to the modern mind.

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NC County Bans Target Practice

Ann Coulter Target Practice

As reported by Grass Roots North Carolina, Johnston County in North Carolina has undertaken to regulate the discharge of any projectile “within 600 feet of a dwelling”.

Those of you who have ever tried to find a place to plink an Air Rifle or practice with a compound bow or crossbow will understand the draconian nature of these “discharge weapons within city limits” ordinances.

Those of you who have yet to run afoul of these ordinances may welcome a short explanation.

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Police Open Carry Stop

This is one of those Mother-in-law drives your new Cadillac over the cliff type videos.

On one hand much happiness at the Officer’s wonderfully positive attitude toward the innocent citizen, on the other hand much consternation as he muzzle sweeps the traffic behind him with a weapon whose operation is unfamiliar to him.

To see other examples of open carry/Constitutional Carry CLICK HERE or HERE or HERE

Thank You Brit Hume!(Conservatism Documentary)

The Right, All Along: The Rise, Fall & Future of Conservatism

For those of you who may have missed it Brit Hume,Fox News Senior Editor, assembled a six part documentary review of the past half century of Conservative History.

You can not tell the players without a scorecard and few documentaries have more clearly identified the players in the Conservative Movement than this series.

If you want to understand battles won and lost since 1950 this series is a must-watch.

For the first time in my memory Conservatism is presented in a clear, well articulated, understandable fashion.

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Railgun Ramrods Artillery Record

The Navy Ordinance Department has developed a working railgun which can propel a 20 pound projectile at seven times the speed of sound.

This is a world record for speed and power.

Details here:



Navy’s sci-fi railgun breaks record for most powerful gun on the planet

BY Philip Caulfield

Sunday, December 12th 2010, 12:18 PM

Navy scientists set a world record Friday during a test of an electromagnetic railgun, a tractor-trailer sized weapon that sends a 20-pound projectile rocketing through the air at seven times the speed of sound.

The futuristic gun was tested twice at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Va., and the first shot generated 33 megajoules of force out of the barrel, a world record for muzzle energy, the scientists said.

Not Your Grandfather’s Air Rifle!!

Super Duper Grapple Gun

With the return of piracy on the high seas comes the return of grappling hooks and boarding parties with both good guys and bad guys. The good guys, of course, have all the really cool equipment necessary to get the job done. Here see an example of paint ball technology gone wild! Have a look….

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