Not Your Grandfather’s Air Rifle!!

Super Duper Grapple Gun

With the return of piracy on the high seas comes the return of grappling hooks and boarding parties with both good guys and bad guys. The good guys, of course, have all the really cool equipment necessary to get the job done. Here see an example of paint ball technology gone wild! Have a look….



Tantalizing Excerpt:

With a sharp poof of air, a three-pronged hook tows a Kevlar rope 100 feet into the air and onto the enemy ship. The SEAL scurries up the line and drops a ladder down to the others. This is the kind of dramatic scene Battelle researcher Jim LaBine envisioned when he designed the Tactical Air Initiated Launch system.

The idea isn’t new. The military has had different versions of grappling-hook launchers to allow personnel to scale buildings and climb aboard ships. But distance and accuracy have been an issue.


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