From 1879, Christmas Wild Game Recipes

As I advised John Richardson over at No Lawyers, Only Guns and Money, (CLICK LINK HERE) I have been reliably informed the key to high volume readership of a gun blog is—Cookie Recipes.

Thus, for my New Year’s Resolution, I am determined to sprinkle more selections from the Culinary Arts and other Branches of Domestic Economy into this blog after the fashion of David Codrea’s THIS DAY IN HISTORY.

My contributions will be entitled THIS DAY IN GASTRONOME.

Sadly, as I perused my copy of Housekeeping In Old Virginia, (Copyright 1879) I realized in 1879 very few Housekeepers focused their attention on the preparation of cookies.

They did have many recipes for cakes, pudding, pastries, jellies, custards,and confectionery.

So I should have plenty of cookie recipe substitutes to offer in lieu of actual cookie recipes.

But to launch this new feature of the JohnJacobH RKBA Blog today I offer some traditional recipes from the past to help prepare the Yuletide Feast with the bounty harvested from woods and fields of God’s Creation.

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