In Memoriam Aaron Zelman


It is unlikely you will hear the name Aaron Zelman or JPFO (Jews For the Preservation Of Firearms Ownership) mentioned in year end obituary retrospectives, but those familiar with his body of work for the Right To Keep and Bear Arms know a giant has passed from our ranks.

Mr. Zelman delighted to “shake his fist” in the tyrant’s face in ways few others would dare or conceive.

He was a catalyst in the finest sense of the word.

From his collaboration on the roots of The American Gun Control Act of 1968 that linked the text to Nazi Gun Control in Hitler’s Germany to his work on highly regarded documentaries such as No Guns For Negros, No Guns For Jews, The Gang, to even seemingly trivial projects such as his promotion of Gran’pa Jack Comic Books, Cookie Cutters in the shape of pistols and carbines Zelman’s JFPO was a one stop source in pursuit of a single objective: to construct an impregnable intellectual underpinning for the human right to self defense with the force of arms. CLICK LINK HERE or HERE

Thank you Mr. Zelman, we will not soon see your like again.

David Codrea offers his comments and links CLICK LINK HERE

World Net Daily Obituary CLICK HERE

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