Head Fake Democrats and Blockhead Republicans

“Head Fake” is a term originally used in football wherein the ball carrier fools his attackers into the belief he will run in one direction while he actually takes a completely different path.

Over the years, the term has come to mean any general misdirection or flummery

A perfect term to describe the Democrat Party and their relationship with Republicans and the great dumb masses.

For example, DemonicRats now want everyone from the “mommy party” and “daddy party” to sit boy/girl, boy/girl to hear the State Of The Union Address from our Overlord and Master of the Universe Hussein Obama in a fashion that mimics all the best Star Wars Movies.

This feeble choreography would, of course, serve only to validate some Progressive’s fantasy of bipartisan civility.

As an added benefit the exercise would transmit the message to We,The Trampled,our elected Representatives are contemptuous of basic legal principles used throughout society-the Arms Length Transaction-to name one,and basic Constitutional Precepts used through our history- Checks and Balances- to name another.

The country at large has learned the word “bipartisan” is code for single party tyranny.

As for civility, Michelle Malkin has conveniently documented how frequently Bolsheviks “speak with forked tongue”. CLICK LINK HERE

WE, THE PEOPLE, do not want or expect the discourse over the disposition of our lives, our fortunes or our sacred honor to be anything less than robust, complete and thorough. If a few egos are bruised in the process, so be it.

Otherwise the medium is the message and the message is our public servants are neither public nor servants.

For decades Democrats have used one head fake after another to bleed the national treasury, demoralize the popular spirit and destroy the American Dream.

The era of these vicious head fakes is over. And yes,there is hope new days have arrived.

It was with some small joy I read Michael Bane as he “talked the talk” the way the talk should be talked.

(With one codicil: We live in a Constitutional Representative Republic, not a democracy or a Constitutional Feudalistic Democratic Republic.)

May he soon “walk the walk” as well!

I hope the few remaining public servants find an opportunity to read and adopt his ideas.

I highly commend his thoughts to you all:


Tantalizing excerpt:

For decades the gun culture was obsessed with debate…after all, we were on the side of the angels and the data was all in our favor. We debated and we debated and we debated and we LOST! We lost because the other side understood absolutely that the debate was all a sham…the more of our efforts that went into the debate, the less impact we had on the true battle, that for the hearts and minds of the American people.

I, along with Paul Erhardt, were early adopters of the more confrontational style of dealing with the other side and the MSM that has worked so well for us. In short, we don’t compromise on our rights.

As Americans our job is not to “reach consensus” or “have a dialogue.” Our job to carry our Founders’ vision of freedom into the future, for the sake of our children, our grandchildren, for the sake of the world. Sometimes that is a hard and scary thing to do. Sometimes our duty will require us to make decisions that take us out of our comfort zones — who does not feel sick inside at some of the horrific comments of the real haters? Who is not appalled to see an American flag burned? Who doesn’t look at an event like Tucson or Virginia Tech and be sickened? Freedom comes with built-in risks, but the alternative comes with chains.

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