Bombshell:Trooper Inside Luby’s Cafeteria?

NC Gun Guy has alerted us to his newest video: Neal Knox Explains Luby’s Massacre

As of now here at JohnJacobH we can neither confirm nor refute Mr. Knox’s allegation.

He clearly states the Fort Worth Star-Telegram briefly reported the presence of an armed Texas Highway Patrolman inside Luby’s Cafeteria at the time George Jo Hennard began his systematic murder of 23 people.

The officer, also described as a Texas Public Safety Sergeant did not draw his weapon because “he was not under direct fire”.

In the Youtube description the comment is found linked at the 1:45 section of the 7 minute video.

While it has been reported up to 80 people were in the facility at the time the incident commenced, only the dead and wounded have been widely documented.

It is entirely possible the undocumented others who were neither injured nor killed could have had a Highway Patrolman among their number, but for now, this anecdote clearly belongs in the Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot File.

Readers with access to newspaper archives are welcome to post any research results in the comments section.

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