Yes, My Hair Hurt!


Exactly a week ago activity here at the JohnJacobH Blog ground to a complete unceremonious halt as yours truly involuntarily adopted the Miracle Influenza Diet and weight loss program.

For six days I was as sick as I have ever been in my entire life and certainly my entire adult life.

I lost a pound a day (for a grand total of 7lbs) , experienced mild delirium with a fever that ultimately peaked at 102.4, experienced muscle ache in places I did not know had muscles to ache, had periodic bouts of impromptu hypothermia attended with debilitating episodes of shivering and uncontrollable (teeth?) chatter, an endless dry hacking cough and yes, my hair hurt!

If I ran my hand across my head the sensation was one of unmistakable ouch! ouch! ouch! ouch!

Readers should be very clear about the extent of my disability.


The number of times I have taken to a sick bed since my late teens can be numbered on LESS than one hand! Really. Perfect attendance pins will attest to my veracity on this score.

There was a brief encounter with the creeping crud in the middle 1990’s which required an afternoon nap and another encounter in the mid 1980’s which also involved a half day of unplanned R&R and after that the sickbay record is lightly cluttered with the usual assortment of lacerations, contusions, and minor elective surgery.

That is all!

For me to be completely, uselessly bedridden for more than a day or two is a harbinger of really bad things.

And uselessly bedridden is exactly the name of the game. For four days I did not read, answer the phone, watch television, or surf the Internet. Mostly I lay in bed and ached as I drifted in and out of consciousness.

If this a return of the 1918 Spanish Flu baby boomers have a tough road ahead.

The good news: there were no symptoms of diarrhea or vomit, just exhaustion and fever with an endless dry hacking cough.

While I appreciated the reminder of how wretched real life combat operations were for large numbers of soldiers through history–from the encampment at Valley Forge to Jim Bowie’s deathbed at the Alamo to the malarial jungles of Southeast Asia,— as a general rule,—- I would not recommend this experience to anyone, yes, even my worst enemy.

So beware! There is some kind of bug going around and it got me first, which is not a good sign!

3 responses to “Yes, My Hair Hurt!

  1. Hey,

    I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I am on day 5 of this crap. I am having the exact same symptoms down to the hair pain! People act a little strange when I tell them my hair hurts! Lol

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