Unrestricted Warfare: Weaponized Financial Markets

It is said by the knowledgeable: “In peacetime Military Strategists preoccupy themselves fighting future battles with yesterday’s weapons and tactics”.

In a sober reminder of the danger of such an outlook Anthony Martin at Conservative Examiner has commentary about Kevin Freeman’s 2009 Wargame Simulation which postulated a military attack on the United States through deliberate manipulation of financial markets. CLICK LINK HERE

While there is no conclusive proof any actual attack occurred there is no doubt the United States is exceptionally vulnerable to such an assault and completely unaware of the threat.

In a CNBC interview (CLICK LINK HERE) Mr. Freeman summarized the import of a Chinese Military Study (CLICK LINK HERE) entitled “Unrestricted Warfare” thus:

Americans have a very poor understanding of non-technological weapons and (the book) specifically suggested a manipulated stock market crash as a weapon of choice in a war of the future.

So, if, for example, as happened in 2007, when two established firms engaged in “Naked Sponsored Access trading” backed by funds from unknown and untraceable entities it is not illogical to conclude some serious mayhem was afoot- accidental or deliberate.

CLICK LINK HERE to read Mr. Freeman’s complete report.

CLICK LINK HERE to read Mr. Freeman’s blog.

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