Trigger Happy Deaf Cop

A Tale suitable for the ONLY ONE File (Click Link)

“During a traffic stop late one night I screwed my .40cal into the ear of a young man….”

To paraphrase Forrest Gump: Message Boards are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”

They are definitely excellent entertainment-portions of which should grace this blog more frequently.

Today’s submission comes from a Yahoo Group called “Snubby” for snubnosed revolvers.

The Topic: At a traffic stop what is the best way for a driver to inform a Police Officer about his Concealed Carry License and Weapon?

A self identified Cop posted his advice: Never use the words “I have a gun”

All well and good. No one wants to unduly alarm our public servants who protect and serve.

But he punctuated his advice with an incomplete anecdote:

(Tantalizing Excerpt 1):

During a traffic stop late one night, I screwed my 40cal into the ear of a young man when I saw that he had a black snowmobile mask on the seat next to him, and his first words to me were, “I have a gun, and a permit.” I had tunnel vision, auditory seclusion, and PUCKER factor all at the same time. All I heard when the auditory seclusion took over was, “I have a gun.” When I heard the words, “I have a gun,” I could have picked up a dime off the ground with my butt cheeks.

There are no further details about what happened next or whether the Concealed Carry Driver ever sued.

The Yahoo Snubby group as a whole was generally aghast. As the aghastment proceeded through multiple accusations of “badge heavy cop” and “cop bashing hamburger flipper” one curious detail emerged.

This same self identified cop earlier posted about his HEARING IMPAIRMENT.


(Tantalizing Excerpt 2):

Nine 357 magnums went off all at the same time, and I dropped to my knees, with blood coming out of my right ear. I went into the hearing specialist the next morning, and he determined that I had lost about 65% of the hearing in my right ear, and 35% in my left ear. I have tinnitus now, and have to sleep with a fan blowing air past my ears to mask the high pitched whistling. I find it hard to understand people talking when there is any background noise, such as music or engines running.

Yes, friends, somewhere in the wilds of Michigan(?) there walks a cop for whom no combination of vowels and consonants is sufficient to convince him of your good intentions BECAUSE HE CAN’T HEAR YOU!

Welcome to the 21st Century Citizen! Sleep well, for tomorrow you may be stopped for a taillight equipment infraction! And may God have mercy on your soul.

Be sure to visit the Yahoo Snubby Message Board with your Yahoo, Google,or Facebook ID.


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