John Jacob H: Three Years Of Bloggery

Trigger Sports Viewership Skyrockets

Wow! Who woulda thunk?

Three years and 614 posts have passed since John Jacob H’s RKBA Commentary first rocketed into the Blogosphere!

Nearly 200,000 viewers have spent at least a few minutes ogling my vowels and consonants!

My most popular category? “Homepage” with almost 25,000 views! Who can guess what that means?

Nearly 25,000 spam comments have been blocked by Askimet. (Thanks WordPress! I would have quit many moons ago if I had to manually erase all that nonsense!)

Incredibly, at least two of my very own posts consistently make it into the audience favorites column.


Not to mention the recent Tom Selleck rant: HERE

Howsomeever, the posts I think most important are hardly noticed at all.


Such are the vagaries of bloggery!

Now all this may not impress the big dogs who post a dozen items a day and log thousands of clicks per week!

I understand this blog is the child of a lesser Olympian. But good moments were not scarce in the past 36 months.

When this blog brought an American Trigger Sports Network Open Carry Segment to public attention it became one of their most widely viewed Youtube videos!


After discussion on this blog, Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network adopted a more equitable membership policy.


Just two of many microcosmic victories in the world of RKBA.

Of course, this did not happen without help.

Many, many thanks are due Free Republic, Liberty Sphere and War On Guns as the top three most consistent link contributors.

And as I follow in the footsteps of Vincent Van Gogh (who sold but possibly one painting in his lifetime) I will continue to churn out such works of art as I am able for the foreseeable future.

So, for now, Good Night Mrs. McGillicuddy and all the ships at sea!

In Liberty,

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