Mpemba’s baffling discovery: can hot water freeze before cold?

While not directly about RKBA, this little tale has something for everyone.

How many times has some incompetent AUTHORITY told us what we do not know, what cannot happen and what is not true in spite of every piece of evidence to the contrary?

Remember the Clinton Administration? They secretly, silently, and successfully purged some 300,000 Firearms Dealers from the rolls throughout the 1990’s AFTER the WACO Debacle even while (anonymous) Claire Wolfe sagely counseled “it is not yet time to shoot the ba$tards”. And yet, with 20/20 hindsight we all now know the 1990’s was EXACTLY the time to “shoot the ba$tards”!

Now some two decades later when we are all older, more feeble and more fragile, alphabet Federal Agencies are joined by local law enforcement who are also allowed to murder unarraigned, unindicted, unconvicted citizens in their beds with women and children in the line of fire.


Guess what? Up pops “No Free WACOS” Vanderboegh to lecture us about the dangers of a new “Fort Sumter” lest we all get it in our heads the time for change, real change, is now or never.

Read the story of Erasto B. Mpemba’s wildly improbable discovery and learn from his experience.


Tantalizing Excerpt:

Mpemba's baffling discovery: can hot water freeze before cold? (1969) "My name is Erasto B Mpemba, and I am going to tell you about my discovery, which was due to misusing a refrigerator." With those words, Tanzanian student Erasto Mpemba entered scientific history, and also sparked a scientific mystery and controversy that remains ongoing today, some 40 years later! The phenomenon Mpemba found is now known as the Mpemba effect, and is the very counterintuitive idea that, under certain circumstances, a quantity of … Read More

via Skulls in the Stars


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