Response To President Obama

Today, for audience edumufication, a montage of important points from my widely unheard rebuttal speech to President Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress.

Mr. President resign immediately

President Obama resign immediately for the good of the nation.

This is no time for politics as usual. President Obama resign.

We cannot afford to wait, President Obama leave office now.

There is only one way to create jobs in America, Mr Obama quit YOUR job now!

Mr. Obama resign.

Resign now Mr. President.

Immediately resign Mr. President.

Resign immediately President Obama.

This nation cannot stand for the delay of Impeachment as usual, Mr. Obama resign.

Resign Mr. President, resign.

Mr President, to save the country you must quit your job now.

The good of the nation requires we, as a people, bypass the delays of Impeachment
and instead accept the immediate resignation of President Obama.

In this time of crisis only one remedy exists for the relief of a weary nation: President Obama resign.

Resign Sir, resign.

Sir, you must resign as your patriotic duty.

History will not forgive President Obama. Sir,resign immediately.

The eyes of the world are upon you. Mr. President resign.

No more. Resign

And to close, I make this final point from Shakespeare: President Obama, stand not upon the order of your departure. Just depart immediately!


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