The Liberty Sphere and The Ominous Threshold

“The problem with this decision is rather simple — it eviscerates the general principle in the law that one cannot grant a thing one does not have.

This is why, if you buy a stolen car, you don’t get to keep it when the theft is discovered. You can’t be prosecuted for unwittingly buying the car, but the seller has no title to the vehicle to convey, and therefore he conveyed nothing. You thus have no claim to the property.


The liberal nut cases…

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Gun Owners of America and its foundation are in the middle of a seminal fight in the courts -– a fight which could determine whether the federal courts will be of any use in protecting our Second Amendment rights for the foreseeable future.
That fight will determine whether the Founders -– or the liberal nut cases who govern the People’s Republic of Maryland -– will dictate the scope of the Second Amendment.
First, a little background.
As you remember, the Supreme Court’s Heller and McDonald cases recognized that the Second Amendment was an individual right -– and that it was a right that applied to the states.
Unfortunately, on page 54 of the Heller decision, the majority opinion suggested that it might uphold some unconstitutional anti-gun laws, in spite of the Second Amendment’s absolute ban on such restrictions.
In effect, the court invited federal courts to apply a…

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