You Are Welcome GRNC!


You are welcome GRNC! No need to thank us! We understand.

Wow! Grassroots North Carolina actually picked up a story first published here on the humble loveable blog of yours truly- JJH RKBA BLOG! CLICK LINK HERE

Thanks to Raleigh Constituent whose tireless reportage brings you, the reader, all the finest 2nd Amendment news available from the Tarheel State the JJH Blog was the first to publish LIBERAL DEMOCRAT Barry Saunders public admission he is a gun toting idiot, a danger to himself and others, and an unreliable adult.

BUT! THERE WAS NO CREDIT OR LINK to anything from here! SOB! It only took GRNC six days to notice what we noticed on May 30th! SOB! We do and We do and We do and this is the thanks We get! SOB!

At this rate it will only take another six years for GRNC to notice the 2nd Amendment has only one comma! After all, it has only been twenty years since they first became a public lobby. SOB!


But it is okay GRNC. We still love you and your stories of intrepid activism from North Carolina!
Even if you do not include us in your Snoopy Victory dance.

3 responses to “You Are Welcome GRNC!

  1. John:

    I regret to inform you that the alert you reference was actually the SECOND such alert we sent on the Saunders column. The first was one of our “NC Gun Blasts” sent to a limited list of subscribers on May 29, a day prior to your piece. We actually monitor news organs, including using a clipping service.

    But thanks for thinking of us.,
    Paul Valone
    President, Grass Roots North Carolina

  2. President Valone!

    Welcome to my humble blog!

    Raleigh Constituent topics always seem to bring a response far beyond the usual readership.

    Since the only public link for this alert came from the GRNC Webpage, you will forgive my belief Raleigh Constituent was the lone voice on the topic of a local columnist whose knowledge of gun law seems abysmal at best.

    Perhaps you will take an opportunity to establish the provenance of the One Comma 2nd Amendment as vigorously as you have established the commentary history of Mr. Saunders ineptitude with firearms.

    For your convenience a post from 2010 may be valuable to you:

    Or possibly David Young’s commentary on the topic:

    In any case, know that GRNC efforts with the North Carolina Legislature are admired here at the John Jacob H Blog

    In Liberty,

    • Dear John Jacob:

      Don’t look at me! I am not on any super secret GRNC
      mail lists!

      For the record, of the 328 comments on
      Barry Saunders original column I have yet to find
      one comment about Mr. Saunders gun ownership status.

      F.Paul Valone has two visible remarks in those 328 comments
      and also makes no mention of reckless endangerment.

      My theory? Few people with any sense read to the very
      end of a Barry Saunders column. ( I did, but I have never said
      I had any sense!)

      On June 3rd in a second Restaurant Carry editorial from Mr. Saunders
      F. Paul Valone has a highly visible comment about
      Barry Saunders, lawbreaker.

      So there was a super secret email about Barry Saunders
      on May 29th but nothing else. Sounds lame to me.

      Bemusedly yours,
      Raleigh Constituent

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