August 23rd, 2000; A Day That Lives In Infamy

For some reason, in August of every year, the DEMONocrat RC Soles shooting story makes the blogosphere rounds. If blogospherists wish to recirculate August stories from the dog days of yesteryear, perhaps the heroic battle of Ashley Carpenter against insurmountable odds should be revisited? Repost some variation of this cautionary tale to your friends, family, email accounts, online forums! Always remember, never forget!

Updated links 09/26/19

In memoriam: Ashley Carpenter, Age 9 and  John William Carpenter, Age 7

On August 23rd, 2000 a California Family bore the full force and fury of Liberal Democrat Rule when two small children were sacrificed on the alter of ruinous political gun control theory and law in an incident that has become known as the Merced Pitchfork Murders.

If you have not heard this story spend some time and learn today.

Heed the words of  Mary Carpenter, grandmother of Ashley and John William: “Do not forget the Carpenter Story-the Big Bad Wolf does not come to the front door and knock, he hides in the garage and jimmies the kitchen door lock with a butter knife.” “May you (Legislators) stand before God and man as my two precious grand-children’s killer if you pass any more gun legislation that will make me a felon should I own a handgun or any other gun for that matter.”

Repeat Ashley Carpenter’s tale around the campfire, at the dinner table, cocktail parties, bars, at family gatherings, sewing circles, Bible Study Groups and everywhere else.

Shout out her name at conventions, meetings and public gatherings. Whisper it in quiet places and solemn times.

Behold the handiwork of the Roe v. Wade Liberal Democrat Party. They will literally kill children to “save them”, before they are born and after.

Excellent Summary Of the Merced Pitchfork Home Invasion CLICK LINK HERE

Mary Carpenter on video in her own words is archived on this site here:

And here:

Updated continuous video (not split into two parts):

Complete file CLICK LINK HERE

A Complete Link to the Vin Suprynowicz article about the incident:

An introductory excerpt from the article:

Jessica Lynne Carpenter is 14 years old. She knows how to shoot; her father taught her. And there were adequate firearms to deal with the crisis that arose in the Carpenter home in Merced, Calif. — a San Joaquin Valley farming community 130 miles southeast of San Francisco — when 27-year-old Jonathon David Bruce came calling on Wednesday morning, Aug. 23.

There was just one problem. Under the new “safe storage” laws being enacted in California and elsewhere, parents can be held criminally liable unless they lock up their guns when their children are home alone … so that’s just what law-abiding parents John and Tephanie Carpenter had done.

A Complete Link to the Richard Poe Article about the incident:

And an introductory excerpt:

Fear stalks Merced, California – fear of the government. Because of that fear, two innocent children died needlessly, victims of California’s “safe storage” gun laws. The mass media never told Americans what really happened in Merced. But the tale of the Merced Pitchfork Murders will not die. Through talk radio; through the Internet; by word of mouth, the story gathers momentum with each passing year. Like the tale of the Boston Massacre in 1770, passed from patriot to patriot over tankards of ale, the Merced Pitchfork Murders live and burn in the hearts of millions of Americans.

On that terrible morning of August 23, 2000, fourteen-year-old Jessica Carpenter had been left in charge to look after her four siblings, Anna, 13; Vanessa, 11; Ashley, 9; and John, 7. Their father left for work. Their mother took the car to get the brakes checked.

John Lott Link:

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